Katheryne: Politically Active, 30day real survial, Genealogist, Family Studies, Human Resource, Holland Missionary, Mormon.

Hi I'm Katheryne

About Me

I was placed in a good home, abounding with disfunction and mental problems. I went searching for identity and found wonderful mentors. I went on a 30 day survial course and found joy in being a girl and gave up my tomboy ways. I graduated from BYU in Family Studies not understanding how much defending that would later come to preserve good family life. I served a mission for the church in Belgium and Holland and found the power of Faith, Hope and Charity. I worked for 15 years being involved with politics and the professional world of business. I found love late in life, true and lasting love having two wonderful sons. My faith is now equiped to fight against anything that tares against the family, I have conquered insecurities, doubts, debts, health and despair and try to instill in others the will to fight for the happiness that life brings, if we but ask. I never give in to misery, I have learned to pick myself up and move on. There is nothing that cannot be solved with the action of faith in Christ and positive thought. Having the lenses of truth restored through our gospel I cannot despair, I stand on solid ground, that rock of salvation. We are all individuals with intelligence and a mind with choice for good or evil. I have choosen good and it made all the difference and brings much happiness. I acknowledge a loving Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ who gives us every good thing. Repentance is the key to happiness, because it's available, and it works!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon or what I call a Latter Day Saint, because it is knowledge of absolute truth. Witnessed to me by the power of the Holy Ghost, a feeling like knowing that I love my mother, or husband or children, no matter what. And I have asked for that witness in sincere prayer, and I have received a real answer that I cannot deny. That truth is a solid anchor to my soul when met with choices. I have comfort with all situations of trails, death, sickness, lack of means, anything because these principles give me that confidence. The laws are expressed in the word of God, the principles are explained by all five books, with only the bible scriptures you can't get the whole truth, due to the fact that it was edited quite a bit and important information was left out, but I DO LOVE THE BIBLE. We have a prophet of God living here on the earth with 12 apostles. I've asked for a confirmation on these men and it was given to me beyond any doubt. Religion today is emotional entertainment with no confidence when the rubber hits the road. And if there is a church that gets bad publicity it is the Mormon church. Why?, because we live in an imperfect world, and if you are going to scam people you don't want absolute truth being popular. If I choose to live by the laws and principles that the Holy Scriptures contain, in all five books that we have AND CAN PROVE THAT ARE TRUE, then I have a witness of joy everytime, that they work. When I have a death in my family, I know exactly where they are going and what they are doing,I have no doubt. These laws and principles work and they are the basis for happiness. Good principles and values are not fashionable nowdays, misery is fashionable, but not for me. I feel free from improper, misleading, dishonest conduct, politics, movies, language, values, policies, human behavior and excuses that are mean spirited. and I REALLY mean Free!

Personal Stories

How can we develop greater harmony in our homes?

Greater harmony comes when you stop judging the harmony. Judgment, criticism, finding fault with one another is family life. But there is one unifier referee and that is prayer. Family prayer is the one thing that can humble us all. If we don't know how to pray or acknowledge that there is someone greater than us all harmony cannot exist. Prayer can calm the waters because God loves families and his power will bring peace so we can look for hope. Distractions come in many forms, TV ,technology, the constant barrage of our time with a cell phone, schedules, appointments, practices, shopping. The buying of our time and means. But prayer brings us close and shuts out all of these for a moment. Take that moment. Ask God what your family needs to do to have harmony and then listen together in prayer for the answers. The answers will come from each persons heart and with that new heart, addictions will grow until everyone wants harmony more than the distractions of our lives. Power of prayer is real. Taking the time to prayer together is the key to harmony. never let it slip by. It is just a small moment but what it does to the heart is priceless. Prayer will lead to other weapons for harmony like scripture study and family time but prayer is the big one. Take time to pray together

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

How I love the Book of Mormon, imagine a person, who had a revelation about our day, and all the chaos that we live under. Mormon had records of that same chaos in his day and wrote down the most important passages from many books through inpsiration and called it the Book of Mormon. It is the most helpful book because it has the spirit of truth that flows out of it with every reading, especially a child, they love it. Its spirit brings peace and hope and opens up the understanding of the Bible and more importantly about Jesus Christ. As a young girl, I kept a copy around as soon as I had a burning in my heart manifest to me that this book was true. As I read, the answers to my personal questions came to me day by day not from the book but by the spirit of truth that gave me better ideas to my situations, even when I was on a 30 day survival trip, I knew what was going to happen and I felt calm. It's like an anxiety pill to me, the calm that comes over my soul when I read it. It is the spirit of truth. But you have to be humble to feel it. Society is so distracted that having time to humble ourselves before God and sincerely read is rare. But it makes all the difference in our happiness if we do. Within its pages it has information that comes into your heart that you lived before this earth with a Father in Heaven who loves you and that he sent you to earth to be tested if you would love good over evil and he provided a Savior, to atone for your sins if you will come to him and get to know his grace and healing atoning powers. This book explains where we go after death and brings us nearer to God personally. It is a witness that I cannot deny no matter what. I know that I know that it is true, wow I learned it by myself with God giving me that witness. I know that it is from God and there is no falsehoods within it. And because of that book I associate with others who have had the same experience and understand the purpose of life and I enjoy knowing them. Try it!

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith was more exciting that Steve Jobs. When Steve died he saw the spirit world and his daughter testified that he said Oh, wow, wow, WOW and then he died. Joseph Smith had the same experience. He was 14 and everyone around him was arguing about what God laws were with man. I remember how a 14 year old boy is, they challenge everything. He was influenced by a scripture, imagine you can ask God yourself and get an answer, that is the only way you really can get an answer. If you ask your friends and family and pastors you get their answers and thus everyone disagrees, but if you ask God, imagine a true answer of truth. This is the great secret that has been kept from mankind. God loves to talk to his children. Joseph was sincere, and really wanted to end the stife that he felt about the question of which church to join. He was so sincere that God appeared to him and introduced his son Jesus Christ. Can you imagine! Learning for the first time that there are two personages with glorified resuurected bodies. A father and a son who knew his name and called his uninformed mind to obey and restore just what they wanted to be returned upon the earth. They could not go to a pastor who already had fallen into traditions that made his life easy. God needed a fresh untrained mind to bring about and restore truth again to the earth, not in vengence but in love and patience. For this boy suffered more persecution than any of the other Martyrs that we honor through history. But Joseph Smith knew that he knew and that God knew that he knew and he was obedient unto death. I have studied what he has written and the messengers that were sent to him. It is fascinating to learn from his journals. He has taught me to ask God, and I have, sincerely, and I have received answers, not as dramatic as his, but just as convincing. I have learned how to come unto Christ and be saved, for real! Today we have proof of his works through our knowledge and technologies. Wow WOW WOW!!!

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

Knowing that the Savior has the patience to wait for me to figure out how to repent and what needs repentance in my life has been the greatest influence in my life. He never gives up on me and thus I can't either. I was born and raised in surroundings of competence, talents and means all of which I didn't succeed and my self worth was under attact for 23 years. But I was blessed with not being able to settle for less, I knew that I was worth more or else nothing. That could never quit set right with me. I decided to go on a search to find out who I was and why I couldn't seem to succeed like my family and friends. I left all my associates behind and saught after God with a sincere heart and asked him "Who am I? and what am I suppose to do with my life?". I will never forget the wonderful answer to my prayer that came over me and told my heart that I was a daughter of God and that if I will come unto him he will guide me to what I am suppose to become. How could I turn that down. I held his hand with constant study and prayer and listened to promptings that guided me first to go on a 30 day survival course at college that taught me the glory of being a girl, and I loved what I learned and became feminine! It was a marvelous revelation and sacred. Next I was asked to serve a mission, wow what a blow, in those days it meant that I was an old maid. After miraculous confirmations and college graduation I went to Holland and found out that I could be succcessful in language and have confidence in my own intelligence. When I came home I was put in the role of a career professional and learned skills that have assisted me through out my whole life. I became an agent of extended hands to help others and a bearer of strong testimony to guide others throughout my associations. Then I found marriage at 38 and motherhood the crowning blessings of them all. I am climbing line upon line as He promises and the views are spectacular from where I am standing. He is my teacher.

What have you done successfully to shield your family from unwanted influences?

I do what the prophet tells me that the Lord wants me to do for protection from unwanted influences. Having a prophet of God that testifies that if we do the following in our homes that we will be protected is a great comfort to me. After raising my children, I can add my testimony that it worked and we went through hard time, scary times, times I thought I would loose a child and yet we were obedient to the formula provided by our prophet and it worked. The plan paid off and our children were saved. They recognized influences and felt the pain of choices and then returned to choose to be obedient to the commandments of happiness. We had the hang house and we provided scripture study for all who were around at the time. They cooperated because we kept the spirit in our home. They felt that spirit and although it might not have lasted more than 5 minutes we were consistent, and their friends knew that we were consistent. Now I look at those other friends, their lives haven't quite come around to being happy yet, but they know that my children are happy, and they understand that we were consistant in family prayer, scripture reading and family home evening and family dinner time. I swear this is a simple suggestion with alot of power behind it that works. Consistant obedience is the key. Making our homes a safe place of love and food and allowances for testing the waters in our ear shot and backup was supporting for our children and their friends. We built the bombs in our garage and shot the potatoe guns with me supplying the potatoes and even taught them how to toilet paper a house. I resqued them when they were trapped by bad situations and I woke parents up at 3:00 in the morning insisting that my child was with their child and that I wanted my child home. I was in your face with love and consistancy of doing what was right. I sent home those that were not dressed modestly, and I fed everyone who came over no matter if I had means or not. It paid off victoriously.

How I live my faith

I love my faith, I have worked hard for it. Faith is increased by trials, and my trials have been exactly what I have needed to overcome the weaknesses that I have in relationships, habits, talents, pride, money, health, I could go on. First I have learned that I truely am a child of a loving Heavenly Father. He knows my name and he knows how I will respond to different situations. This life is a test and he constructed a wonderful test designed for me to reach my true potential. I feel he is pleased with my decisions, and because I feel his approval I have an abundance of joy. I have made wrong decisions and He has waited with patience until I wanted change. Then the way was provided for that change through his love. I also know that there is opposition to happiness. Satan is real, his desire is to make me as miserable as he is becomes my need for a Savior. He has tried to sway me into that unhappy road,and I have tasted it for a bit to realize how bitter it is. I didn't want to stay on that path, early on I knew I was worth more in God's eyes. I found out what I needed to do to repent, overcome, change, become confident, and all through His Grace. I ask for very specific assistance, his help for me. My humility has come line upon line as I have transfered my pride for true happiness and reliance upon His Grace. I am still overcoming my weaknesses past, present and future until I have endured to the end. I will call upon my Lord, Redeemer, Savior, Jesus Christ , with confidence and energy for the help I need to be happy. Happiness is knowing for certain that the path you are on is the right path, for he is consistant and constant and unchanging. He will provide for anything that I ask him for, that is GOOD! He respects my freedom to choose. He provides the knowledge that I need for confidence in the next life, a resurrected life, a life full of energy, no death, and power to continue on into eternity. I love my Savior, I know him and I trust in him.