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Hi I'm James

I'm a husband and a father. I do science and engineering for a living. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up the oldest of eight children. Now I have a beautiful wife and children. At the time of this writing I am a graduate student studying bioengineering at a major university. I enjoy singing, running, camping, hiking, and spending time with my family.

Why I am a Mormon

It may surprise you that someone who does science for a living believes in God. Most people around me assume that his existence cannot be proven and so therefore he must not exist. I submit that God does exist and that each of us can individually prove his existence through communication with him. We are God's offspring and so have the right to address him and receive a response. Once God speaks to you, you will know that he does exist. I know that God exists because he answers me when I seek him out in prayer. Through responses from God, I know that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are God's word, that Joseph Smith was a messenger from God, that the Mormon church is God's church, and that there is a living messenger of God today. God knows who you are and to prove his existence, has provided a simple experiment, which goes as follows: You read the Book of Mormon and then pray and ask God if it is his word. You can find the Book of Mormon at lds.org/scriptures/bofm. If you truly want to know if God is out there and are willing to follow him if turns out that He is, then He'll answer your prayer. It's important that you try to believe that he'll answer you. Most of the time God doesn't communicate with us through the canonical five senses but rather through our emotions. It's difficult to describe God's voice. The best way to know what God's voice feels like is to try the experiment and feel it for yourself. I would describe God's voice as a feeling of profound peace and sureness, and as a feeling that I not alone. Each person has a different experience when God speaks to them so I can't tell you exactly what it will be like for you. I can promise you that when God speaks to you, you'll know that he does exist and that the Book of Mormon is really his word. It worked for me and if you're sincere, it will work for you.

How I live my faith

I can see God's hand in my life every day. He guides me as I raise my children. He helps me perceive their needs and shows me the best way to teach them how to succeed in life and be happy. He gives me constant inspiration about how to go about my work as a scientist. He helps me recognize my own weaknesses and is patient with me as I work to overcome them. When I pray to God I can feel that he knows, loves, and understands me. I'm grateful for the life and example of Jesus Christ and assert that he is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. The end result of our mistakes is the sadness that they cause us and others. Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ endured all of that sadness and suffering in the hours before he died on the cross. Because of that, he knows what we're going through and shoulders much of our suffering. He forgives our mistakes, provided that we work to change our lives. I'm grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for each of us and do my best to follow the example he left behind. I know that he rose from the dead after three days in a tomb and stands at the right hand of God today. Because of that, each one of us will live again after we die. The joy that I have found through following Jesus Christ is something that I wish everyone could have. I'm grateful for opportunities to share what I know with others around me. The Mormon church helped me to find and communicate with God for myself and it can do the same for you or anyone. It doesn't matter what mistakes a person may have made in their life. Jesus Christ accepts each of us as we are and helps us to become more than we could on our own. He sees our true potential and helps us to achieve it. I think its great that you're reading this and encourage you to learn more about the Mormon church.