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Hi I'm Bob Brown

I'm a Mormon and concider myself a normal, everyday, funloving guy. I have a love for my wife, fishing, hunting and cookies.

About Me

I was raised by a mother and grandmother until my mother remarried when I was nine years oldd. Both of these ladies were honest and good people. Neither of them went to church and I was never made to go to church but the thinking, at the time, was that there was a God but he was never mentioned much. I can recall, at an early age, asking God to grant me a favor. I promised to do something if he did. Now at seventy three I am finally trying to do the things that I promised. It happened that he was generous and answered the prayer of a little boy who was sitting in a sandpile on a sunny and nice day. The prayer was answered about twenty years after it was requested but was answered never the less. As a little kid I had asked that when I became old enough to marry if he would send me a lady who would love only me. My meaning, of course, was that she would be faithful to me and me alone. I have been married to that lady for forty-eight years now.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) because I know this is the only true church of Christ on the face of this planet today. I know that a true church of Christ would have to have All the things in it that was present when Christ was here. I know that Christ is alive. I know that God lives as well. I know that we all are deserving of revelation and have been promised such. That if we have any doubt we must pray to have an answere to that question. And if we pray, and believe that we will get an answer, we will get one. We have been promised that when we do the things that God asked us to do that we will be blessed. Of this I would like you to know that my life has had such a change since I joined this church that I would actually be afraid to not do the things He ask of me because I have become rather spoiled and like what my life is like now. I know that I am going to live forever with my father in heaven and have a share of everything he has. I know that my dear wife and lifelong partner will be with me. I know that all my ancestors that choose to accept Jesus and his gospel will be there as well. I have testimony that everybody that I have ever known, that do the things that the Lord ask them to do, will be there as well. I know that in every church now there is something missing that should not be. This church has prophets that guide me and teach me. I have been given the Holy Ghost to guide me and answer any and all questions that might come into my mind. It turns out he is there to confirm whether or not these prophets are really his representatives or not and I know, because of Him that they (the prophets of this church) are the chosen of the Lord. I know that a true servant of the Lord would not be on a payroll. A servant of the Lord would and should be working from the heart, not from the stomach. This church is a volenteer ministry and truely is led by the savior through his prophets.

How I live my faith

So it turned out that I would come home and read scriptures before going to bed. One evening, while doing this, I came upon Matthew 25 and was just reading, matter of fact like, when I started verse 33 and on. Out of the blue came the feeling that I had not had in over a month. The same feeling I had had with the bowl of soup episode. Starting with verse 33 the "King" says to them on his right side to come inherit the kingdom because they (the people he is adddressing) had fed him when he was hungry, given him water when he was thirsty, visited them in prison, ect. The startled people then asked "when did we do these things to you" and the King answered that as they had done them to the least of the people, they had done it unto them. All in a heart-beat I had an answere as to how I could serve (love) God and had just had a prayer answered for the second time. The Gospel is so important in my life. I am amazed how meeting him halfway has changed my life. "Be ye not sayers of the word only but doers also.