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Hi I'm Sandy

I was Athiest. After the Lord showed me how much love He had for me, and I could find it with the Mormons I asked to be baptized.

About Me

I have 5 children, 12 grandchildren and was converted when 39 years old. Before that, I didn't believe there was a God, and put all my trust and faith in science and medical doctors. I was taught to keep the laws of the land because if you didn't you'd go to jail. After an excellent education in school and the University of hard knocks - I was just hanging on to get through this horrible life. I found that my trust in science and men was fallable and it was hard to know what decisions to make in sticky situations. That all changed when God decided to let me know that He existed and He loved me, and if I wanted to have that kind of love - I had to join the Mormon Church. The big relief came when I realized that God is infallable and He gives answers to your questions bit by bit as you figure what you want to be.

Why I am a Mormon

My 10 yr old daughter was taking ballet lessons for 4 years and the Mormon mother of another student and I would talk while waiting to take the girls home. She never mentioned Church to me, but she was nice. She knew how much I hated anything to do with churches. My husband had an agreement with me, for him to take the children to his church every other week, and I could teach them what ever I wanted the other week. I hated him taking my children to his church and teach them things that I couldn't believe. One day my daughter said to me, "I want to change religions." "Why?" "Because in Dad's church, they talk about it, but in Primary they do it." (Primary is the children's meeting) So I thought - if there is a church that acts like a Church should act - I'll visit it. My friend took me to Fast & Testimony Meeting - I fasted to see what it felt like and went. They talked about Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith - take one take them both - I don't beieve in either of them - and I came home. They didn't say anything I couldn'tbelieve though. There was nothing different that day. Then Mon Tues and Wed, I couldn't figure out what was happening! Someone was pouring buckets and buckets of LOVE over me. It had a cripling effect on to the point that I loved everthing. So Thurs, I spent on the desert trying to find a reason to join the Mormon Church, and I couldn't find one, certainly not to get back at my husband wasn't right. Finally at sunset I KNEW 2 things. There WAS a God, and that is where that love was coming from, and if I wanted that kind of love, I had to join the Mormon Church. That settled that, and I asked to be baptized, but we had to take the lessons before being baptized and joining the Church. My daughter and I took the lessons and joined the Church in 1968 - and have been going whole hog since then. I KNOW THAT JESUS CHRIST RUNS THIS CHURCH THROUGH HIS PRIESTHOOD. In the name of Jeus Christ amen.

How I live my faith

I go to all my meetings every week, and as I learn how and why I should improve my character, and ask to have help in doing so, I get help. I've learned not to be predjusted to Blacks, other Churches and Jews. I've learned that everyone is not out to get you , and that there are many wonderful people in the world. Everyone is learning in this school of life at their own pace. I also know that when we go to the other side, we will all understand what the whole picture of God's plan is, and have our choice whether we want to follow it or not. I will not be able to live with Jesus Christ unless I am like Him. I'd be uncomfortable being there.