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Hi I'm Tom

I grew up a practicing catholic and found the LDS church as an adult

About Me

I am especially blessed to have 4 children ( three girls and one boy). I am an avid sports fan and love the teams from my city. I especially enjoy college athletics. I enjoy playing golf, reading books and listening to music and motivational talks. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints really helps me in that regard; as every 6 months we get to here from our leaders, inspirational talks, stories, and instruction. I can't get enough of those and try to reread or listen to the talks at least once a week. I am a college graduate and also went on to get an MBA from a top 20 business school. I love family time with my wife and kids.

Why I am a Mormon

A friend of mine gave me a Book of Mormon 23 years ago. I decided to read it to understand what this friend believed. Before I "dug into the Book of Mormon", the friend encouraged me to first read a Chapter in the Book entitled "Moroni Chapter 10" Specifically versus 3-5. I did read those versus, and all of Chapter 10 to make sure I did not take anything out of context from the chapter. That chapter got me to thinking on a very small level: "what if this book was the word of God? That thought resonated in me for quite a while. I skimmed through the book for another hour or so. At that point, I couldn't stop thinking about the possibility of the truthfulness of this book. I proceeded to get down on my knees to ask God "if the book of Mormon was true and from Him". At that time in my life, I was an actively practicing Catholic going to church nearly every day. I was content in what I believed and had no desire to investigate any other churches for my sake. After that prayer, I sifted through the book again with not much standing out to me. It was getting late, so I proceeded to get ready for bed. I did so without any further thought of the book. Sleep came fast, and before I knew it, I was awaken to an Intense feeling that I had never felt before. I knew it was the answer to my prayer, and I knew that the Book of Mormon was TRUE. Since that time, many things have happened to me, but my belief in the Book has deepened and knowledge has increased. The Gospel is so simple and yet complex. There is much to learn and to become. I have felt incredible joy and very deep feelings of peace and love from our Father in Heaven. I love His Gospel and love to serve. I am grateful for the deep personal relationships that I have made with my gospel family, and although none of my family (of 9) has joined me in it, I now have gotten married and have a family of my own. I know that My father in heaven knows me, loves me, and answers prayers.

How I live my faith

I really love the association that comes in this Church. The friendships I have made while serving have blessed my life with great Joy. It is interesting that the more you serve, the more you want to serve. I relish and look for the opportunities to serve. Some of the ways that you can serve are to visit a family once a month and teach them certain concepts about the Gospel. I also have a calling (voluntary responsibility) within the Church, and it is in the Sunday School. I help to edify the teachers and leaders through meetings and training sessions. These sessions at first overwhelmed me, but as I called on the Lord for help and guidance, prepared myself with studying and reading, they became deeply spiritual to me. I am not saying that I knew it all, but as the Lord touched me I became relaxed in my confidence. As an adult convert to the Church, I am very blessed to know what it is like to not have had this in my life. Now that I do have it in my life, I don't take it for granted and prepare myself weekly, even when I am not the instructor. One of my favorite callings was when I had the privilege to associate with full time Missionaries on an almost daily basis. The blessings that came from that where some of the choicest I have had. I was able to meet those individuals that were seeking truth and not of our faith, get to know and love them, become good friends, and see them embrace the Gospel. The love and joy I felt in these moments have sustained me even in tough times. I love to read the scriptures, listen to our leaders teach and associate with all members in any way possible. I look for opportunities to share this with others whenever and wherever possible. Someday, I hope to have my adolescent family join me in this Gospel of love and joy.