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Hi I'm Brigham

I was born and raised in Seattle Washington. I've been married since 1995. We have five great kids. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I’ve been imaginative and creative my whole life. I have loved to build with Legos since I first came in contact with these wonderful toys at my Granny’s house as a boy. As I got older I loved to draw and to color. At some point when I was around 12 I was introduced to role playing games. I have tried many different games: sci-fi, fantasy, post apocalyptic, historical. What I love about these games is being part of the creation of the story, and I love to be the story teller as well. After being married and having a child I sought out a way to provide better for my family. I wanted to continue to be creative, but channel that energy into a paying career. I took classes in college for art, for painting, for puppetry, for writing. I loved them all. I eventually finished a bachelor’s degree in computer animation. Somewhere along the line my focus changed from working in something that I loved, to working in something that would provide stability for my family. I have been working for years now in web development and I am happy with that. I can still be artistic and creative at home with my family and as a hobby. Maybe one day when my kids are grown I will be able to go back to something more creative, but for now I am happy.

Why I am a Mormon

There is a saying in our church, by no one in particular, “Every member of the church is a convert to the church at some point in their life”. That means, whether or not you are raised in this church, at some point you have to figure out if you really believed it for yourself. I could not continue forever believing just because my parents did, or anyone else. I eventually had to learn it for myself. For me that time came when I was 19. At that age in our church I should have been on a mission. Someone once very bluntly asked me why I was not on a mission. That question, at that time in my life, was the catalyst I needed. I started to question it all; I wanted to know if that is where I really should be. I wanted to know if all I had learned over the years was true. I prayed more earnestly than I had ever done previously. I wasn’t seeking an answer from anyone I knew, or from anything I could read, I wanted to know from God himself and so I did everything I knew was expected if you want answers to prayers. I read the scriptures and attended my church meetings more deliberately. I served others when asked and I took the leap of faith by preparing for a mission even before I had my answers. Shortly before my mission started the Lord answered my prayers in very powerful feelings of peace and love that I can not express adequately in only a few words. It was powerful, and I knew it was real. It was only after this that I could look back at my life and see all the times I had been subtly prompted and lead without recognizing it. The Lord wanted this for me all along, but would not force it on me. I had to seek it myself.

How I live my faith

Since my conversion experience, and serving a mission in Alabama and Mississippi, I have been able to feel the Spirit of God more closely and more easily than before. The summation of these experiences in my life and the further witnesses I have felt since then, are why I remain a faithful member of the LDS church. I know it is true. I know this is what God wants for me and for all mankind (all of his children). I try to share the gospel with others when it feels right to do so, but I also know that like me they have to come to the point that they really want to know this for themselves before they can truly learn it. Nothing I can ever say will convince anyone, but I hope I can prompt them to ask God personally. Ask in the right way, making all the proper preparations to receive an answer, and be ready to act on the answer once they receive it, and the answers will come.