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Hi I'm Marc

I grew up in 5 places in the United States. I work as a Product Designer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been blessed with talents that I have been able to develop over the course of my life. I began being artistic at a young age and continued to do artwork throughout school and now I use it as part of my career. Sketching and drawing is something I do to work through creative ideas for my job. As I gain inspiration, I am able to problem solve and create new product solutions in the areas that my company specializes in: insect pest control. I enjoy being a part of a team that creates effective solutions. I have a wonderful wife of 11 years and a boy in first grade at school and a daughter who is 18 months old. I enjoy playing with my kids and spending time with my wife. Recently I have been refinishing a classic wooden motorboat and dreaming about the day when it will be done. I enjoy riding my bike to work to keep me physically fit and saving money in gas. I hope to lose enough weight that I can avert long term negative health effects of being overweight. I have made several tries at this and I am trying to build an exercise program that is sustainable. I hope to make this a lifestyle change so that it becomes second nature to eat the proper amount and stay active. In the past 5 or so years I have been a scout leader for both cub scouts at first and boy scouts more recently. I have grown in this responsibility and have found myself becoming better refined in my own discipline as I encourage these youth in doing the same. I hope to become a great leader.

Why I am a Mormon

While I was raised in the church after my parents had been converts to the church before I was born, I have never felt pressured to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. I have found certain truths that have rung true in my life since I was young. I have felt a warm feeling knowing of Christ's church in our time. A formative experience when I was in my youth prompted me to explore how deeply I believed what my parents and leaders had taught me. As a youth I made plenty of missteps and bad choices that I regretted which made my heart ache. I needed a way to overcome these feelings of guilt and embarrassment. I sank to my knees in prayer and poured out my heart to God and opened my heart to accept that I needed to change. During my prayer a certain peace and understanding affected me and stayed with me in my heart. I knew that if I opened my will to God's and worked to follow his commandments that I would be forgiven and all would be well. When I was eight years old I had entered into the baptismal covenant to follow the commandments and in turn the Lord would grant me the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I renewed this covenant with him with new resolve and as part of that promise I committed myself to learning more about Christ's gospel through study of the scriptures. As I regularly studied and prayed about The Book of Mormon and The Bible, I found my life changing and I had done better in school than I ever had before. The truth of these books became the foundation of my knowledge and testimony of the truthfulness of the things my parents and leaders had always tried to teach me. Feeling so grateful for this new knowledge, my desire to share this with others led me to seek a full-time mission. I worked and saved and was called to serve in the Philippines Baguio Mission. I had many great and difficult experiences that built on the knowledge of the gospel that I had gained before my mission.

How I live my faith

One of the key things that I have learned as a member of this church is that unselfish service is at the core of my faith. I know that having love like Christ has is a gift that I can pray for. It is integral in my family life, my marriage, my church, and those that I work with to have feelings of love and compassion. I feel I have been blessed so greatly that I feel it important to give to others in the ways that I can. I have been able to participate in organized service projects through my church and organized service at the local soup kitchen that serves the homeless population. Raising a family is one of the parts of my life that requires the most love and understanding. I have found that in showing my children the ways to love, they are growing in the ways that will make them great people. They can stand as good citizens and people who will be responsible for themselves and others. I feel it is a weighty responsibility to be a father of a new generation and I am grateful to have a wonderful companion to share this with. My marriage has been full of love and I know that I must give all I can and sometimes more to make things work. I have found that if I start trying to keep score on all the things I do to help versus the things my wife does that the love just dies between us. When I forget myself and give in ways that I don't expect a return, that I am much happier in my marriage and that I feel closer to my wife. I also feel more grateful for what I have. I feel I am becoming a better person as I try to follow Christ's example of giving freely and completely. I never regret doing it when I remember to follow him. I am also forgiven when I forgive others especially my wife. We grow closer through this process and life just becomes a joy on earth. My service as a scout leader has also proven to make me a better person as I share encouragement with the youth that I work with. They are the future of the world and I am grateful to serve them.