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Hi I'm Scott

I'm a husband and a father. I'm a musician and an engineer. I'm active in my community, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I suppose my interests have always tended toward the geeky side, since even at a young age, I loved school and sought to excel as a student. I haven't been too successful in shedding that image, as I work as an engineer and most of my friends now are engineers...or musicians. Music is the form of personal expression that comes most easily to me. I have been a professional choir singer and currently conduct two church choirs within the local LDS community. Does that make me seem like less of a geek? Probably not, but it does make me a more balanced person as it gives me something to do to escape from the sometimes tedious world of engineering. While my professional and musical involvement is very important to me, I am defined more by my roles in my family. I am a husband and I have three children under the age of eight. Fulfilling my roles in my family has challenged me and forced me to mature in ways that I don't believe would have otherwise been possible. It has also brought me the greatest rewards when I have succeeded in those roles. Parenthood is an awesome responsibility: a true 24 hours/day, 365.25 days/year commitment. It is a responsibility I have grown to love as I think about the relationships I have with my children that will last for the rest of my life and beyond. From that perspective, I can think of nothing greater to devote myself to than being a husband and a father.

Why I am a Mormon

While I was raised as a member of the Church, I found as I was approaching the age of missionary service that I needed to increase my faith so that when I went to testify of the Gospel message, I could do so without any reservation or wavering. I had a firm faith in Jesus Christ and in His power to redeem from sin through repentance. I had studied the Bible and the Book of Mormon and had faith in the veracity and compatibility of the two records. I found, however, that I felt less confident in my ability to testify of the prophetic role of Joseph Smith. I began to study about the man's life. I read a book that was written by my own great-grandfather--a biography of the prophet that he wrote for a non-LDS publisher. I read many of Joseph Smith's writings. I prayed to have a stronger faith in what I had learned about God's hand in Joseph Smith's life and that through him, God's authority had been restored to earth. Some time passed, and I still felt uncertain of my ability to speak about Joseph Smith. Then one day, I was having a conversation with someone about the Church. Though I feared to do so, I felt that I should testify of the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith, so I took the leap of faith and did so. As I was bearing witness of the prophet, the feeling that swept through me confirmed to me that my testimony was true and that I possessed the faith that I had sought for so long. Since that time, I have visited many of the places where the prophet lived and where he died, and my faith in his calling has continued to grow. I am so grateful to him now for all he did and sacrificed so that I--and millions of others--could better follow Jesus Christ our Savior, receive baptism by the proper authority, understand our purpose in the Plan of Happiness, and enter into family relationships that will endure eternally. All of my experiences in life since that time have confirmed to me that the teachings of the Church are true and pure.

How I live my faith

As I mentioned above, I am involved in providing music within the Church meetings I attend. Reverent music has the ability to invite the Holy Spirit into worship services, which is why so much sacred music has been produced over the centuries. I have been directing choirs in my congregations for over ten years, and I know that when the right music is chosen and it is well prepared, it improves the worship experience for all in the congregation. My involvement with music comprises most of the time I spend serving within the Church. There are a few other things that I do to donate time, such as making visits to members' homes on behalf of the bishop of the congregation, teaching lessons during the instruction hour on Sunday, and helping people who are moving into or out of the congregation. However, I view my faith as something that influences who I am more than what I do. I seek to live my faith every day by being kind and charitable, not giving in to anger, being clean and uplifting in my conversations, being generous with my time, looking for ways to help and serve others, fulfilling my duties as a citizen--in short, trying to be the best person I know how to be. I know that I fall short of this standard most of the time, but I do know what I should be doing and it gives me a trustworthy goal. I hope that doing right is like music, and that "practice makes perfect." I hope that through my interactions with others, they will recognize that I follow Jesus Christ and am trying to live according to His teachings and example. I hope that one day I will know Him because I have become like Him through the way I try to live my life every day.