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Hi I'm Teri

I am a convert to the Church, I joined when I was 18. I am so glad to say; I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am one of the lucky ones who can say they were born a twin and have always had someone special to share life's events with. She never forgets my birthday:) I went to highschool in Alaska and met my husband there. Three of our children were born in Alaska and our fourth child was born on the island of Guam where we lived for six years. I love the outdoors, Camping and anything to do with water. I have been scubba diving, white water river rafting, skydiving, repelling, bungejumping, and brave enough to be a preschool teacher.

Why I am a Mormon

I have always had a place in my heart for God. I dont know when I first heard of him but I remember my first prayer. I was in an orphanage about age seven with my other four siblings. This day we were out side and I had walked over to the chane link fence. I was watching other children being droped off by a school bus and walking to their homes. I wondered what it would be like to be them and why I couldent have a home with loving parents like they did. I felt as though something was wrong with me. I remember looking up at a cloud and saying a prayer. Wishing more than asking Heavenly Father if I could have parents who would love me. And this overwhelming feeling of peace and joy came to me. He had answered my prayer. I no longer felt sad but that everything would be ok. I remember leaving the fence feeling happy. Eventully we were put into a foster home. I remember going to church with them. I always had a good feeling when I was at church. From there we ended up with a family of ten children. They did not go to church, but some of us older children would walk to the different one's that we could. As I grew older I continued to go to various churches and try them out. I had experiences that brought me closer to God and Jesus but I was still always seeking for something. When I was 17 I acepted missinary lessons. I knew right away that this was the church I had been looking for. I could feel it, I never had the big converson event that some do. I just always knew it was true. That God had guided me and was pleased with my decision to join this church. When I was baptized the feeling of peace and compfort, of pure joy and love I felt as a child filled me. I know this is Gods Church. Now sometimes I have a chance to visit diffrent L.D.S. churches, the people are different but the feeling I get from the spirit is the same. He testifies to me that the gospel being taught is true. And even if I know no one; I am at home.

How I live my faith

Becouse of my beleif in God I know that I need to follow his will and not my own. But even knowing this dosent make it easier to get out of bed sometimes and get going. My husband was also a brand new convert to the church when we meet and got married. However he had to stop comming becouse of work, then becouse he wanted a day to rest and then to do what he wanted. Before long he stoped just wanting to come. Being newly married I wanted to be with him and stoped comming also. God was always in my heart and I never lost my faith. But I chose to be with him instead. As my children got older I realized I had a responsibility to make sure they were learning about God and Jesus. As well as having a yearning in me to align myself with what I knew was true, to feel the spirit with me again. Even though I went back to church my husband did not. This had a large influence on our children and none of them come at this time. It can be hard to leave the ones you love and want to be with to go to church. Especilly now when they are all adults and I dont see them as much. I want to be with them but I know that my example is all that is left to hopefully bring them to know what I do. And in my heart I my self want to be doing all that Heavenly Father wants me to. Even if it's hard to get there, going to church strengthens me. The more I learn and the more service activites I help with. The more my eyes are opened to see how much God loves each of us and how we are to love and help oneanother. There are so many in need in so many ways. Not just the sick and the poor but also the lonely, the spiritully worn down. And the ones who have no hope becouse thay dont know about a loveing Heavenly father. I try to follow Christ example and weekly get out to visit others. To see if there is something we can do to help them. Some just to say hello and let them know we are thinking of them. This is when the spirit comes. When I open my heart to those in need.