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Hi I'm Kevin

I'm a plumber, husband, and daddy in the middle of my "Happily ever after"and I know it's because I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm Kevin, 34, married father of 3, a skilled craftsman and union member as well. I love to work and get things done. Being a plumber has taught me how to deal with fecal matter. I'm 2nd generation LDS, so I grew up going to Cub and Boy Scouts which the LDS are major sponsors of. I can't tie many knots but it taught me a love of the outdoors (how to water ski!), it helped shape who I am, and now have a son starting in Scouting. I'm grateful to my parents, who have been married 40 years and counting! Their decision to join the church and provide a great example to my siblings and I has made a huge difference in my life,and now it's my turn to be that great example to my kids. Parenting like plumbing is not "rocket science" they are way more important than that! Fortunately neither have to be as complicated. It's a lot of "monkey see monkey do." What kind of "monkeys do I want to call mine? That's the manner of monkey i'd ought to be. The teachings of Jesus Christ when applied make life a lot less difficult so following them is a no brainer which is good for a plumber- didn't exactly make it to BYU, but I enjoy living in a small town with my family, living out the American dream.

Why I am a Mormon

Being born into a Mormon family has definately had it's advantages. Getting through my high school years pretty much unscathed, having fun with lots of other young men and young women in the area and kind of oblivious to what the rest of the typical highschoolers were up to. 16 years after that is over with, I'm very grateful I was surrounded by kids with similar values. It's kind of funny that we all grow up watching Disney and reading stories that end with the prince and princess "living happily ever after." But good ole Uncle Walt didn't exactly fill us in on how to make that happen. Any wonder why divorce is rampant? I firmly believe that God the father of us all loves each of us and wants us to be happy and will even play matchmaker if you give him a chance. I met my wife at the airport while we were both waiting for an incoming flight that wasn't going to land until I made my move. I kept getting caught looking at her; knowing that I had to talk to her and it was going to be awkward. After three-35 minute delays, I finally decided to talk to her. Turns out she knew my sister and was a single Mormon as well. We got married a year later and I now know what "Happily Ever After" is all about. Being a parent has helped me gain a God's eye view or perspective on life. Knowing that I want my kids to live "Happily ever after" begs the question how? I'm grateful for the teachings of Jesus Christ, the teachings of the scriptures and the promise that if we "Keep his commandments, we will prosper in the land." Sounds like a deal to me so where do I sign up. I mean what parent wouldn't go to the ends of the earth or even to hell and back for thier kids. If so, why not go to church? It's just down the street and has air conditioning

How I live my faith

Every day is full of choices and I'm grateful to live in a land where we get to choose or pursue happiness. Sometimes that means sacrificing what I want for what I really, really want -so it's not much of a sacrifice at all. I live my Faith at work when I do the best work I can (even when the boss isn't wacthing). I live my faith at home by being the best husband and father that I can. Jesus taught us to serve others, I think that should start at home. I help my neighbors when I can and please don't tell anyone I'm a plumber because that leads to phone calls and I typically work for cookies or pies. They say Jesus was a carpenter but he could have been a plumber. He provides us with the "Living waters" and has the ability to take all the clogs in our life away. If we follow Him, we can be clean again on the inside as well as the out.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Many avoid organized religion because of the mass confusion that exists today and the obvious money to be made. When money is involved, some don't play nice and accusations abound. I take comfort knowing we have an unpaid clergy, just like in Biblical times. All churches have some leader or "prophet" as their founder. Most aren't open about who, but we can Google it. The question is, "Was that prophet called of God? Is it a free for all? Or could God make His will known? (Amos 3:7) "It's pretty easy for us to say "I would have got on the ark with Noah or behaved for Moses." Really? Those prophets were seen as crazy by most.- Mormons do not subscribe to the Nicene Creed, a religious document crafted in 325 a.d., which came after the persecution of the early Christian church when the Martyrs were well, martyred. I don't know who attended that meeting, did Jesus? I have read the creed and don't quite understand it. I have also read the Old and New Testaments, love them and find them easy to understand. Thanks be to God and those that sacrificed all to translate those Sacred books out of the orignal texts so we could leave the dark ages and step into the Light of Christ. The early Christians didn't all have Bibles like we do. We should all search for truth praying to Almighty God for wisdom as did Joseph Smith (also a Martyr), having faith that answers will come through the Holy Ghost-James1:5/John14:26. Show more Show less

Why did your church previously practice plural marriage (polygamy)?

It's incredible to me that people "Big deal" this issue but it makes us different and therefore an easy target. Have critics of polygamy read the Bible? It occured frequently in the Old Testament. What has never been ok is the practice of fornication, adultry, and pornography. We believe in following God's law and also the law of the land but when it was outlawed and Utah became a state the then prophet received revelation from the Lord to end the practice. Polygamy is definately something that makes you go Hmm( self included). I believe the seekers of truth will come to see it as it was and not some sordid Mormons gone wild conspiracy. How about we look at the rest of Joseph Smith's life before we discount him on that bases, if you do where would Christianty have come from if not out of the loins of King David. All prophets are people and therefore imperfect but-sorry no scandals here. If Joseph was a fraud and had the ultimate party life going, would he have turned himself over to the law like he did to get martyed in a prison by a couple hundred cowards with blackened faces. You'd think a prophet of God would have seen it coming- Truth is He Did! Off like a Lamb to the slaughter he went after quoting Isaiah. When the Lord and Apostles picked corn on the Sabbath and were accused, Jesus pointed out that King David did the same shutting them right up as the hypocrites that they were. Not to equate polygamy and sabbath corn picking but Jesus had lots of accusers-So do we. Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

Jesus Christ is the only one who can save us and forgive our sins. That is clearly taught in The Old and New Testaments, as well as The Book of Mormon as well as every teaching by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. To me faith is an action word, believing is doing. Most in this country believe in Jesus Christ but how many Believe Him? Is there a difference? The scriptures teach us what we must do to return to live with God after we die...do we believe him? Do we believe Him enough to follow Him, or just assume "We are all good" and "No worries" we'll figure it out after we die. It's important to realize that everything we know of Jesus has been delivered to us from the mouths of prophets and those chosen to translate those sacred words into modern languages so we can read them. Then there is the trust placed in the clergy of all the many churches that they are preaching Gods will. How would/could anyone know for sure if they are? In this day and age everyone that wants to search the scriptures certainly ought to be able to..free Bibles are available, the spare time we have from all our modern conviences should allow us ample time to find the truth. I believe in Christ and Believe Him at the same time. I believe he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I believe he continues to direct his church as he has throughout history through revelation. (Amos 3:7) Whoever says He won't or can't make His will known ought to be questioned as to how they know this. Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

Studies claim a little alcohol has benefits, but too much is harmful. What do they say about tobacco? The revelation known as the Word of Wisdom (WoW) recieved in 1833 was way ahead of it's time; or was it? Drunkenness has never been acceptable to God, the Old Testament account in Daniel chapter 1-How he and his 3 friends refused the "kings meat and wine" and were better off for it-so much so they put everyone else on the same diet. I'm sure he made lots of new friends. Daniel was also given knowledge and wisdom- not unlike what the WoW promises.coincidence? Or Maybe the God of the OT has reaffirmed his stance on temple destroying behavior. What am I missing? DUIs? a beer belly? Maybe it's the puking? I don't believe all "partakers" are going to hell but there are plenty who make this life hell because of their addictions. What about the Health co$t$? One reason stated at the beginning of the WoW for giving the relevation Is"In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of CONSPIRING men in the last days, I(the Lord) have warned you, and forewarn you, by giving unto you this word of wisdom by revelation". what has changed since then? Big Alcohol and their ultra honest ads, Big tobacco, the latte stand peep show, the advent of cars a civil war on drugs.Don't get me wrong I/we are not prohibitionists we are on this earth to choose, and must live with the consequeces. I'm very grateful God has tipped us off on this one. My Life has been lot's easier. Show more Show less