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I grew up in Seattle studied Fashion Design and worked in a design room for a top designer in NYC and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

After living and working in NYC for several years, I decided I needed to make a change in my life. I met an old woman who told me she and her husband never had any children, and she didn't push it. Now her husband was dead and she was all alone without any children. I did not want this to be me! I wanted to have a big Thanksgiving Dinner with family coming by when I became old. This would require me to have children, so I moved back to my hometown and there at church, I found someone who took me to the temple where we married. We now have seven children. This is amazing, because I didn't know if I would be having any! Raising these sweet children is the most rewarding thing I could be doing. They are very sweet. I am pretty sure I will be having a house full of visitors in my old age at Thanksgivng time.

Why I am a Mormon

My story as a Mormon began when I was baptized into the Mormon Church by the visiting Home Teachers. [It is common practice for the Home Teachers to make sure children of a household of members of the church who are over the age of eight, are baptized.] My parents were not devoted followers of Christ, nor did they follow the teachings of the Mormon Church. I was left on my own to find this out for myself. This occurred when I was on my own for the first time, away from the influence of my family. When I went away to college, I found myself dependant on the tender mercies of God, I needed Him to help me find my way and feel safe navigating the waters of life, which can be scary for a young girl far from home. A year later, the yearning to draw closer to God intensified as I took a foreign study course in London, England. There I was all alone, I knew no one. I suddenly felt an urgency to draw upon whatever experience I had in calling upon God and trusting myself in His care. I needed His help and I decided to apply what I had learned while dabbling in the faith of my youth, the Mormon faith. I did those things I taught would please God and bring myself closer to Him. Things I did not feel a need to fully commit myself to previously. But now that I was alone, all that changed. I needed His help like never before: I prayed morning and night with greater fervor. I read from the scriptures (God's map) everyday for at least 30 minutes. I attended church every Sunday at the local Mormon church, and I found a warm, friendly welcome from everyone at church in London. It was one of the Best times of my life. Doing these things brought about a change in me. I loved my time in London, as it was there that I decided to follow Jesus Christ. As a result of making this choice, I have found greater peace than I have ever found before knowing that the direction I am endeavoring to take is approved by God. He has never failed me. For that I am grateful.

How I live my faith

I find it important to try to keep the ten commandments in my life as well as other directives from the Lord. This includes keeping the Word of Wisdom - which is a health code found in the Mormon church. Keeping myself clean from sin gives me great peace. I hope to try to help others to see the great benefits I have found in following the counsel of the maker of us all. He loves us and blesses anyone who does their best to follow Him.