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Hi I'm Josh

I play football, piano, and love cupcakes...and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hi, my name is Josh. I am currently a Senior in High School, and love to involve myself in everything that I can! I am an active member of my school's Student Government; constantly working with others towards the next school function, dance, or event. In addition, I play on the Varsity Football team, something that has been very challenging, as well as very rewarding. I love the opportunity that football gives me to go out on the field every day and work to become a better athlete, as well as a better man. Regardless of how well you do on Friday Night, there is always another opportunity the next week for you to improve and learn from the week prior. In many ways, this process reminds me of my ability to utilize Christ's Atonement to better myself each and every day. Above all, however, the thing that I love to do most is to play the piano. I am classically trained and love to play works from the old Master like Chopin, Schumann, Beethoven, and Liszt. Additionally, I love to write my own music for piano solo. I try to write music that uplifts, inspires, and courages. I draw my inspiration for these songs from my Family, my Friends, my Challenges, and most importantly, my Religion.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, I feel as though my conversion story is as moving and as personal as though I had not been. Growing up in the Church, I took many things for granted. Considerate friends, meaningful life-lessons, a constant feeling of happiness, and excellent funeral potatoes are only a few of the many things that, as a member of the church, were part of my life. When I was about 13 or 14, I knew that I had to know whether or not the things I had heard about every day were true for myself. I couldn't any longer "piggy-back" on the truths of my parents, I had to know, without a doubt in my mind, whether this Church was true or not. Thus began a journey for me that, over the next few years, would prove trying and challenging; would bring anguish and heartache, in addition to exquisite joy and unmitigated happiness. All of those challenges led me to where I am today. A place in my life where I can state (and sometimes would rather shout) that I KNOW this Church to be true, and the happiness it brings is awesome, real, and complete. Looking back, my journey to know of the truthfulness of this Church was a lot like pumping a well of water. For many years, my parents pumped the well, ernestly hoping that one day the living water would come forth. After some time, I took over, and began pumping myself, also hoping for the water to come. Until one day, finally, after much effort, the "water came" and I knew completely that this Church was true. Only then did I realize, that it was a culmination of all of my efforts that led to the "water" coming, and had I stopped anywhere along the way, discourage, I might have never known how close I was to seeing the water, and certainly would never have seen the whater. And oh, what a beautiful and glorious thing this "water", or testimony has come to be for me! I love this Gospel and strive to grow closer to Christ each and every day.

How I live my faith

I try very hard to live my faith in everything I do. Whether on the football field, in the classroom, or on the stage, I hope to stand as as representative of Christ in everything that I do. Somewhere along the road, it became acceptable for the "High School Football Community" to throw out every swear word and derogatory phrase they could think of and never think twice about it. I don't believe in swearing, or in disrespectful behavior, and I try to share this belief to others through my actions. Most importantly to me, however, I try to share my beliefs though my music. I am inspired by the words of the leaders of this Church, and try to embody their inspiring messages of hope and encouragement through music. I also recently began serving as the Assistant Organist for the Ward, and am grateful for the opportunity I have to help others share their testimony through song.