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Hi I'm Brian

I live in Arizona. I build cutting edge robots with teenagers. I'm father to two boys and husband to the smartest woman on earth.

About Me

I teach high school physics and I believe that I am at one of the best schools in the nation. Building robots is the coolest gig out there and I love it. Guiding students is the bright in my life that sees me through the dark difficulties of raising a son with an emotional disability. My wife is the hero of my life. For her I am more than I ever could have been. I hike and camp with her, and we sit together on the patio of our home in the evening after the boys have gone to bed and unwind. Sometimes I strum on the guitar or we just talk. I like to cook, although in the past my penchant for improvising has led me to disaster. More often though I come up with some unique combinations. I'm best at pastas and american cuisine. I also like to read. I mostly read science fiction, but I've also made a point to sample most other genres and I admit that I have an unusual interest in Greek tragedies and Shakespeare's dramas. I can also say that I have read the entire Bible from cover to cover, but I will never figure out what good will come of my reading the book of Numbers. I am also a follower of the comings and goings of my country. Its a fascination that seems to have no limit. I think that my soul is like a great set of jazz. Its all over the place and does some unexpected things. It makes good on every measure. There are some really hard chords too, but I have to believe that I'm adding to a collective sound that will live on in future generations and in higher planes.

Why I am a Mormon

There's no single reason why anyone chooses one path or another. Like Abraham and Isaac I am a dreamer. After being married I started having this recurring dream about a hike. At least that was how they were at first. My wife and I hiked a lot before we got married and continue to do so whenever we can. The path was narrow and straight and the view was amazing. There were deep blue mountains on the left and and sloping hills leading to ocean coast lines to our right. That was it at first, just the two of us making our way, smelling the wild flowers and enjoying the fresh air. Whenever I have these dreams I'm at peace in my waking life. I never have them during times when I feel stressed or unhappy. Some people believe that dreams are the manifestation of the psyche, and maybe that does have something to do with it, but I believe that I am closest to God when I dream of the mountain hike. During one of my darkest hours, I must have been twenty and out on my own, I felt so alone. I expect that I had closed myself off to everyone around me, trying to find the answers on my own like usual. I began to pray. I mean to say that I tried talking to God little by little over the course of days or weeks. I would get so tired that I would lay my self over the edge of the bed as I knelt. Most of what I said could be considered pitiable but probably best described as pitiful. At some point when I could bear no more and I began to give up to the dark pain that I felt so often during that time, I heard a voice. I don't know if any one else could have heard but my heart jumped at the sound of it and a warmth came to my chest as the voice said to me, "I love you." I was too shocked to weep at the time, but just recalling it brings tears to my eyes and the warmth returns every time. I walked the path proscribed by the Mormons and it brought me something tangible that I could feel and quantify. That's why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in part by taking time to try and understand it. It seems to me that a man can only do something right if he understands it. If you trust someone its okay to follow his lead, but eventually it comes down to whether or not you see the need. So in all things, I do what I know to be right. Some of those things include taking my boys to church on Sundays or reading bible stories. Before we had kids, the right thing to do was to sing in the church choir. Our director would stomp her tiny feet on the stage floor, and I suspect that she felt that it was right to stomp in the Lord's house as hard as she could. Maybe my two year old son has learned the same thing. I also live my faith by serving others. I think that I was directed to teaching teenagers, possibly since I was so bad at being a teenager and as penance, but mostly because they need so much more caring than they get. Dedicating my life to guiding them wasn't that hard of a choice to make since I enjoy doing it. I get to feel like the good Samaritan on a regular basis. The others who passed the man on the wayside didn't just save themselves money and effort, they passed up a golden opportunity to fill their lives with that stuff you get from helping others and that makes life worth living. My faith has also taught me to be a friend in a world where exclusions are too common. There is so much hate and intolerance that I came to feel that I really have no right to transpose my norms on others. Rather, I ought to learn why people do as they do or believe as they do. So far I have found that most people have very good reasons for acting and thinking differently that I do. In many cases, my patience has been rewarded with friendships that are invaluable and life lessons that I could not have had in any other way.