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Hi I'm Sharon

I'm a "family woman." I've been an attorney for 35 years - a tax attorney for 10 of those years. I love to learn. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother and grandmother. I love to learn. I've been an attorney for 35 years, 20 of which has been in tax. I like to be involved in a useful hobby allowing me to learn, enjoy and have tangible results. In recent years these have included gardening, cooking, baking, needlepoint, interior design, and genealogy. I'm a do-"it"-yourselfer, as long as my husband is there to do most of "it." We've spent the last 11 years on one household remodeling project after the other. I love animals, especially the dogs that have been a part of our family. I find the greatest joy in life when I serve someone else. I think a day without laughter would be a wasted day - fortunately they don't happen often!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because the doctrines and beliefs of the Church answer questions that have driven me for years. Why am I here? That question stated bothering me when I was twelve. The church I grew up in didn't really address this. By the time I was sixteen I had become a closet agnostic. While I didn't talk about my doubts, I didn't think there was a way to know if there was a God. My undergraduate degree, philosophy, was chosen with the hope I could find "truth" of the reason for existence. For my second sixteen years I felt the weight of having to create my own reason to live. When I was introduced to the doctrines of the Mormon Church, I learned there was a way to know by a means other than mere reason. I learned that people really did have spirits. And I learned that spiritual knowledge was more accurate than physical knowledge, which often was a theory used to explain limited physical observations. I learned how to receive - and recognize - personal revelation from a loving God. Then, the underlying fears and feelings of emptiness in my life melted away. I learned life had a purpose, to give me a body and let me learn and be tested so I could become the type of person God wants me to be.so that when I leave this earthly life I can go home to be with Him and my family. For me the most important question was what is the purpose of life. However, the Church has answers to the other important questions of life, at least in general. Then, the Church has taught me how to get more specific answers - study out possible answers and then pray in faith for guidance. I'm a Mormon because it gives me peace, it gives me the reason to live and helps me make all the millions of choices I have to make in life.

How I live my faith

My faith takes a lot of work, but I wouldn't want it any other way. As in anything, you get out what you put in. Prayer, studying scriptures, worshiping and serving are all a part of this. I love reading the scriptures. I can hear the voice of ancient prophets and the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to me. Each time I read a chapter of a book, new insights impress themselves on me. I am learning more and more. I don't know how I could get through life without prayer. I can speak directly to God, voicing my concerns, my desires, my failings, my questions. While I have never had an audible response, I know He is listening and answers my prayers, through other people or through the promptings of the Holy Ghost. On Sundays and in other meetings I am able to publicly worship my God. Each Sunday I renew my covenants of baptism. When I go to a temple I am able to learn and worship in the one of the most sacred places on earth. The peace and joy I feel there is like heaven on earth. I have had the opportunity to serve the children in the Church for many years. To see them grow and learn has been so rewarding. For a few years I have served the youth. I've also taught adults. I am currently serving as a counselor in the women's organization. Each position I have had has given me such joy and allowed me to learn. These positions have been given to me under inspiration and have given me the knowledge, the joy of service, the fellowship or the training I needed at the time. This is why I will always agree to serve where I'm asked to serve. Besides all of these, I live my faith be trying to live the principles taught by our Lord and Savior. Integrity and steadfastness in my faith are far more important to me than the riches and glory this life has to offer. Each day I seek to live accordingly and, then the next day, try harder.