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Hi I'm Bill

I'm a tax professor and a dad. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

After going to law school, becoming a CPA, working at an international accounting firm, and getting a master of law in Tax, I am currently a professor of tax and business law for undergraduate and graduate accounting students. I have a passion for teaching and guiding my students through a complex world of tax rules and regulations. Together, my students and I translate the complexity of the tax world into straightforward concepts that they can understand and apply throughout their careers. As much as I love to teach, my greater passion is my family. My wife of six years was born and raised in eastern Canada, and we have three beautiful boys aged 5 months to 4 years. Our favorite activities are going to parks and zoos, wrestling in the living room, and reading together as a family.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 16, I read the Book of Mormon every night for a couple months in response to a friend who told me his Pastor thought the book was a fabrication. I needed to know if it was true. As I read the book, I felt feelings that the New Testament's Book of Galatians call "fruit of the Spirit"--love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness" etc. I felt a closer connection to Jesus Christ as my savior, and the Book of Mormon further strengthened my belief in, and love for, the Bible. Serving a two-year proselyting mission in northern Florida at the age of 19 further solidified my love of Christ and his disciples, as I grew to understand the unique challenges of inviting people to listen to Christ's message of peace. For two years, seven days a week, I read the Bible and Book of Mormon for 3 hours a day. This intense personal study of the scriptures, free from the philosophies of teachers or study guides, had a permanent influence on my love for the scriptures. I began to see the interweaving conceptual themes between the various prophets and apostles. As I considered the scriptures' context, such as the history and culture of the text, answers to questions of my own--and questions from practical strangers--began to have answers. I began to find answers to such questions as why evil is allowed to exist in the world, why we should forgive our enemies, and why living a respectable life with integrity was so key to a good life. My faith in God's plan grew. That faith in Christ became even more crucial to me. At the age of 23, several weeks into my first year of law school, I received word that my mom had been killed in a horse riding accident. I was devastated, and, for some time, was overcome with grief and anger. Months went by, but I found solace by once again returning to the scriptures. I saw Christ's resurrection in a decisively meaningful new light. I believe and know God's plan will allow me to see my mom again after this life.

How I live my faith

The scriptures have impressed upon me an understanding of the key importance of two things: family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since the passing of my mom, I have a firmer grasp on my own mortality and the importance of raising my family to love others and to seek knowledge and truth. I know that life is relatively short, and so each choice we make is important. Each night, my wife and I read the scriptures with our sons. We want them to grow up learning the attributes that Christ demonstrated and taught. We want them to understand the joy that comes from befriending the friendless and helping those that have difficulty helping themselves. We want them to understand the peace that comes from forgiving others and living an honest life. And we want them to understand the confidence that comes from hard work and increasing their knowledge--both knowledge of the scriptures and knowledge of the way the world works--so that they can be protected from the influences in this world that lead to misery and ruin, and also so that they can be prepared to contribute positively to the people around them. In addition to raising my family, I try to serve my community in ways that utilize my skill. I perform various pro bono projects each year. These pro bono activities include consulting with nonprofit organizations in regard to their tax issues, preparing taxes for individuals who cannot afford to pay a tax preparer, and tutoring. I also volunteer with the local Boy Scouts of America.

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

We believe the Bible is Holy Scripture. For centuries, the truth revealed in the Bible led countless numbers of men and women to have faith in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world. Many of these early believers gave their lives as a witness that the words and teachings of the prophets and apostles was true. We believe that the Old Testament set forth a pattern of God's love for his children. The pattern throughout the Old Testament shows that after God's people fall away from truth, God loved his children so much that he would call a new prophet to lead fallen people back to principles of truth and righteousness. Such prophets included Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Isaiah. Ultimately, following the pattern of calling prophets to return truth, the New Testament recorded God sending his Son, Jesus Christ to save mankind, and to teach the truth of how we can return to God after this life--by overcoming sin and death. Overcoming sin through repentance and Christ's atonement and grace, and overcoming death through Christ's resurrection. The New Testament also gives us a pattern of how the church was designed to continue after Christ's resurrection, including replacement of apostles to lead Christ's church. We know from the context of history, however, that severe persecution led to a shattering of church leadership, and doctrinal confusion that would ultimately lead to a reformation movement a millenia later. We revere the Bible as scripture and God's word. Show more Show less