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Hi I'm Jeffrey

My name is Jeffrey Jarvis, I am a university student, an artist, a train enthusiast, an avid LEGO fan and a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Jeffrey Jarvis, local of of the greener Pacific Northwest. I grew up in the lush evergreen western half of Washington State in somewhat close proximity to Seattle. I come from a family of 9 That is 3 brothers, 2 sisters and a younger stillborn brother. These years were spent exploring the woods near our home, digging holes and bringing in the dirt with us (much to my mother's dismay), or traveling around to various places on family trips. There was also homeschooling for me and my 5 siblings. Our mother's motto was: Schoolwork first, and then you can go out and play. But we also worked hard as well. I have long since lost track of how many weeds I pulled, chords of wood I split and stacked or times I have mowed the lawn. My brothers and I were all actively involved in Boy Scouts of America and we all achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, with me going to earn 2 Palms. Currently I am a college student attending Brigham Young University and am pursuing a major in Manufacturing Engineering Technology with a double major in German studies. My goal: To work as a railroad vehicle designer for a manufacturer. In my free time I am an active LEGO fan. I build anything that comes to mind; from trains (another one of my hobbies) to spaceships and castles. I also spend a lot of time doodling, sketching and drawing, to the point that I feel I can draw things in my sleep now. From 2-Dimensional to 3-Dimensional, you name, I can even draw people who look like they should.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up in a strong Latter Day Saint family, the church has always been a central aspect of my life. Looking back for for quiet a few generations I see a linage of strong devoted members who had a firm belief in Christ and in his Gospel. This in turn was passed on to me by my parents who instilled in me a love for the Savior and His Gospel. Not only that but the Church its self has provided me with many opportunities throughout the years to further learn, grow and progress. But even with that background I still had to reach a conclusion for myself as to what the Church meant to me and the role it would play in my life. I still to this day remember when I finally was faced with the challenge to find the answer for myself. I recall the time when my family was eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new addition to in the form of a younger brother. The prospects and opportunities which lay ahead seemed limitless, but reality struck hard and fast. It seemed as if in a moment this perfect scenario of the future with my new little brother and all the great things in life I could share with him, shattered in an instant. Instead of endless possibilities, I was left with doubts and questions. It became apparent that unless I did something personally, I would never find peace. And so I decided to turn to the Lord for His guidance. Slowly but surely I began to more diligently apply His teachings to my life and as I did, a reassurance came to me that what I was doing was right. Not only that but I came to realize that because of our Father in Heaven's plan for us, I can be with him again and my family can be together forever. A few years later I found myself testifying of this very truth to an individual in a foreign land who had long before gone through a similar loss and was struggling to find answers. I shared that same testimony I gained that our Father in Heaven lives. He Loves us and cares about each and everyone of us individually and that he has a plan for us.

How I live my faith

For me, living my faith is not just believing in God or something, but rather it is living it as well. I do not consider myself someone extra ordinary, rather I am me and I let my actions speak for me. I have found that by choosing to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my example is more powerful than any thought provoking speech I could give. My preferred method of living the Gospel is by serving others. I realize there are times where it is neither convenient or the task desired, but as I have continually rolled up my sleeves and gone to work, I have walked away from each each experience a happier person. Not only that but my resolve to do good is increased and my testimony strengthened. A verse of scripture that contains a precious principle serves as a reminder to me as to why I love to serve so much. From the Book of Mormon, a prophet who also served as the king and leader of his people shared these words in a sermon he once delivered: “And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” (Book of Mormon - Mosiah 2:17) That is why I serve. That is how I live my faith. God has given me so much, and it is only natural that I express my gratitude to him for my many blessings blessings by serving and helping others.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Have you ever considered for a moment, why that loved one was taken from us? Why they had to leave in their prime? If you have, then you are normal. It is okay to doubt, but in the midst of our doubt, there are answers to these questions. I do not profess to know all the answers to life's questions, but I have learned much as I have sought our Father in Heaven for His guidance in my own such times of need. I learned from personal experience that He does indeed love and care for us personally and individually, just as any loving father would. He wants us to be happy. That is why He prepared a plan through which families can be together forever and not just until death parts us. That does not mean trails and challenges will not come, but rather it provides us with the reassurance that as we live the principles given us and stay true to the plan He prepared for us, we can remain together. The very fact that He restored His church again today with the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has called men to lead and given them the authority to act in His name in blessing us His children only further proves His love for us. And because of His plan and the Atonement of His Son Jesus Christ we can be healed both physically and inwardly. No trial that may come our way nor passing of a loved can diminish our hope and knowledge that we can be with those we love again. Families can be together forever. I know this to be true! And you can have this in your family too! Show more Show less