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Hi I'm Lorell

Laughing is in the top 3 best things ever. I have 5 really clever kids and one extremely witty husband. I'm a (happy) Mormon.

About Me

I am a stay-at-home mom and mother of five and a wife to a professor of engineering. I am a community advocate for music in the schools. I am a band mom. I am a happy cook and a not so happy cleaner-upper. Discoveries: 1) Chickens are therapeutic and (really) do haver personalities. 2) Contentment is peace within the relationships of family & friends. 3) Anything worthwhile, (especially relationships), requires sacrifice. Oh that it weren't so true. Favorites include: 1) Living where we can have a garden and animals (both are sources of humility--we pretty much stink at farming). 2) Sewing (without deadlines). 3) Reading things that make me laugh out loud or think deep thoughts. 4) Being cozy. 5) Hanging out with our kids.

Why I am a Mormon

The teachings of Christ are true. I believe the power of Christ's Atonement, as taught in the Book of Mormon. I have come to see myself as a daughter of God. I know he loves me. I grew up in a predominantly LDS community but not part of the LDS faith. My childhood home was filled with riotous living not with principles of the gospel such as chastity, virtue, peace making, or avoiding anything (habit forming) like tobacco or alcohol. My mother passed away unexpectedly during my teens. I began searching desperately for an anchor. I was without hope--alone with an alcoholic father--completely lost without the influence of a mother's love. I yearned for the family I had seen exemplified in some of my Mormon friend's homes. They believed in a God who hears and answers prayers. They took care of each other and of their neighbors. Life wasn't just about them or the next high. They were happy! But they weren't weird or pious. They worked and played together. I hungered for that kind of life and I was desperate to understand my pain and loss. I found a peace--true and deep, however, when I came to understand the power of Christ's Atonement. He died that I might have (a clean) life. I have found peace and strength in this Gospel (which is really The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). I am not a naturally strong person but when I turn my whole heart to Christ and accept His invitation to succor the weak and lift up the hands that hang down I can be AMAZING. When I choose to spend my time and talents blessing lives rather than thinking about or pitying myself--I am a powerful woman. I have that family I dreamed about. I have a husband who provides for and protects me and my children. Our kids actually like us! How cool is that? I am not the mess statistics say I should be (as the child of alcoholic parents). I am a good mother and wife. I am a nurturer and a peacemaker (only) because I have the example of a loving Father in Heaven.

How I live my faith

I try to behave in a way that reflects well on the church. When I was a young mom and would take my kids to the store with me I'd try to make us presentable (no boogers on my clothes or their faces) hoping others would see kids in tow and think, "Hey, children are a blessing--not a burden." A bit older now, I try to remember that living my faith means I represent Christ when I go into my community (or anywhere for that matter); if I am really a believer in being like Christ I should exemplify patience and tolerance and forbearance (none of these come naturally to me). I try to be positive so others will choose to investigate this wonderful church and find the respite I have found. I want to be a source of light so others can find peace in this sometimes dark and dreary world.