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Hi I'm Mike.

I'm a happy husband, a proud father, and a really lucky grandfather, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My wife and I have been married for 27 years. We have a daughter who is married and expecting her third son, and a son who is currently serving as a missionary in West Virginia. Our happiest moments are when we're with family and friends. We especially enjoy photographic expeditions to state and national parks. Few things speak of the greatness of God like the majesty of a snow capped mountain, the colors of a sunset, the sound of water cascading over a waterfall, or the fragile intricacies of wildflowers. I've had jobs in varied fields, but none of them define me. I currently work for a large national company in their Seattle area office doing accounting work. The best part of my job is that I get to speak to and help many people with a multitude of backgrounds and attitudes. Knowing I've made someone's day a little better is a great feeling. I've been accused of being an optimist, but really it's just that life seems to work out okay. My wife would say I feel that way because of a poor memory, but I think it's because I choose to dwell on the good and not worry about the bad.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I've been a Mormon (member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) my entire life, I could have chosen to go to any other church, or even no church at all, any time. When I was 18 years old I decided that if I was going to continue in the LDS church I needed to know for sure that what I had been taught was true. I felt like it was true, but with the typical questioning of everything that comes with life at a university, and the weight of impending decisions that would shape my adult life, I needed to know for sure. I set out to find out for myself. I spent time reading and studying. There were many nights spent on my knees praying. When it was all over, I had gained for myself an unquestioning testimony of the truthfulnes of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There was no doubt left in my mind that I was on the right path. My parents and church leaders had taught me many things, but the most important of all was that I had the right to find out for myself. Our Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to obey just because He says so. He wants us to ask for knowledge. He wants us to search for the wisdom that He has placed here for us. He truly wants us to be happy and has put forth everything we need to do so. Why I'm a Mormon? Because I have received personal confirmation that it's what God wants me to be.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith every day in everything I do. The key word here is "try." I believe it's important and appropriate for us to recognize that we are not perfect, but its okay. We do the best we can each day, and then we honestly reflect on how we can do better tomorrow. I believe this is true in every aspect of our lives. How can I be a better husband? What can I do to improve myself at work? Did I treat each person I met today as I should have? Change is the key. Change is what will allow us to be better each day. Change is what helps us in our efforts to be true followers of Christ. Sometimes I try to imagine that there's a camera watching me and recording my life. Maybe it's Jesus or angels watching me. Or maybe it's my mother, who passed away several years ago. At any rate, I find it hard to stray too far from living as I should and treating others as I should when I imagine that I'm being watched. That also helps me when I'm feeling overwhelmed, scared, or confused. I know I'm not alone. I think of how I try to help and watch over my children and grandchildren, and then I think, "If I'm willing to do that for my children, how much more is my Heavenly Father going to do for me?" It has been my privilege to help in my local congregation and area in many different capacities. Although my favorite thing is to teach, I've also had the opportunity to work with our youth and in various different leadership positions. I'm currently working with a local Spanish speaking congregation, which I love. It reminds me of when I was a missionary for two years in Peru many years ago. I find that when I'm serving others, I usually gain more from the experience than I give. It makes me feel like I understand the saying that to find yourself, you must lose yourself.