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Hi I'm Andrea.

I love my family, love my friends, love a good read, love a good laugh, love a good cry. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a wife to a sports nut and mother to three fantastic children; a beautiful brunette, a darling blonde and a raucous redhead and I am finding that these three brilliant beings can be my greatest challenge AND my greatest reward! Although I’m just a beginner, I enjoy trying to capture my family growing and learning through the lens of my camera. Who says that someone in their 40’s is too old to learn new tricks!! Another fact that proves this point for me is that while I never really cared to read while growing up, I LOVE to read now. If the story makes me laugh, cry, feel inspired, motivated or leaves me in awe then I’ll read it. I also love good music. Inspirational , patriotic or filled with real emotion, music can bring me to humbling tears quicker than anything else. One hobby of mine is to surround myself with wonderful people! I am blessed to have an incredible family, friendly neighbors, fabulous friends and co workers that make me look good, feel good and be good!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the church. My parents were both instrumental in my learning gospel principles but it was my mother that led by example when it comes to living the gospel. Her love for Jesus Christ and desire to follow in His footsteps was evident in everything she did. She was always serving, sharing, caring and loving those around her. In all my years I never heard her once speak an unkind word of another. She was amazing like that. I lost her to Alzheimer’s much too early in her life but it is her example of faith, courage and trust in the Lord that fill my heart to overflowing with gratitude. Being taught at my mother’s knee of all things good is what led me to find my own testimony and knowledge of Jesus Christ’s love for me personally. I have felt His peace and closeness over and over in my life. Through happiness and tears, through triumphs and failures, I have seen blessings come and have felt the sweetness of my Savior’s love because of my faith and belief in Him and His restored gospel.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith through little acts of kindness and love to those around me. Sometimes it is a homemade treat or a store bought goodie (when time is nowhere to be found) that I leave in someone’s hand. Maybe a note in the mail, or an email expressing thanks and gratitude for something they did for me or I saw them do for someone else. Maybe a phone call or a text just to say “you’re fabulous!” Even a silent prayer in someone’s behalf when it’s hard to know what to do or say. I like to smile, I try to share it often in hopes it makes another smile. I like to make eye contact when speaking to others, especially with my children, so they know I am listening and I care about what they are saying. I like to leave notes of love and encouragement in my husband’s planner or his suit coat pocket. I enjoy seeing my children find my love notes on their pillow or tucked inside a school book. I have this little song I learned as a child committed to memory, “I want to be kind to everyone, for that is right you see. So I say to myself, remember this, kindness begins with me.” I am certainly not perfect at this. Opportunities pass me by without thought. But I do try to live my faith through doing things I know to be true, like treating others with love and kindness just as the Savior did.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

While it is not required, it is encouraged and certainly a privilege. As an LDS young woman I chose to serve a mission and was blessed to serve among the beautiful people of Korea. It was an experience I will forever treasure. I met wonderful people, made lasting friendships and was able to share something I held so dear to my heart with others. I like to think of my membership in the gospel like a delicious treat you have just discovered. It is so incredible you go "Oh my goodness! This is the best! I must tell my friend about it then we can both OOH and AAH over it!" You know, you just have to share it and tell somebody about it so that they can experience it also. When you share something you love it makes it that much more valuable to yourself. That is what serving my mission did for me. It made my testimony of my Savior priceless to me. Show more Show less