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Hi I'm Africa

I was born in Mexico,my lifeadventure stared in Colorado,I enjoy dancing,cooking,doing crafts,and working as a Medical Interpreter

About Me

I found the GOSPEL at the age of 30 AT THE RIGHT TIME. Before, my life was a puzzle (job,kids,husband, family,friends) all this time I was thinking on how to take GOOD CARE OF MY LIFE. When I joined The Church,they showed me A DIFFERENT WAY TO DO LIVE AKA "A CONVERSION" (Baptisim,praying,studing scripture, DROPING HABITS (smoking,drinking,white lies). Attending church with desire made it easy and became a JOYFULL PERSON. The time pasted by and it seemed that every piece was taking it's right place. NOW every day in MY ROUTINE in my life I BECOME more knowlegable and I emphatize with EVERYONE AROUND ME and what they have to bring into my life. Now IT LOOKS ALMOST PERFECT. Now I feel the Love and blessings from my Heavenly Father which gives me the strength TO REFREIN ME of chosing wrong so I can APRECCIATE THE PROTECCION. I have been SEEKING all these things for years, now that I found them I dont have figure out LIFE... I LIVE THE LIFE!!... AND ACCEPT THE LORDS WAYS. The church have give me ENOUGH PEACE so I can focus on little details, ENOUGH LOVE so I can show compation to others and it FEELS SO GOOD and makes me sing and dance while cooking and SMILE EVERY DAY to everyone around me. If one day I feel blue I just have to REMEMBER that I am a daughter of GOD and The Happiness will easily return and let me continue with EVERY DAY CHORES (cooking,putting the kids to sleep,cleaning) plus TONS OF TICKLES and ENOUGH TIME to spend with my lovely husband.

Why I am a Mormon

Because: Beeing a Mormon means BEEING YOU why you are here and where do you go not doubt about it. Only as a Mormon could REACH The Top of what we call Happines, sucses. Because: My life change the same way it happend in the movies, ... once upon at time was a lost lonly girl who was dreamming whit a prince in a cristal castle whit a perfect live and no worries, but every time she try hard to get that life, the bad people cames up whit something so I could not find the right path. Because: Sudenly something magical happend. My Husband became my prince who protects me again everything and everyone, My House became a Castle, and I have almost not worries, and I am in the RIGHT PATH NOW.

How I live my faith

I GO to church every Sunday I pray as much as I can in my life for normal and recrational activities (working or even going out) I SHOW my kids a good example of FAMILYS ARE FOREVER always together. At church I help to organize activities for woman so they can enjoying how to cook or decor or even have more tips to acomplish the homework of being mothers and wifes. Every time is allway FUN and creative. Out of the church I live my life as honest and fairly as I can and having a GOOD ACTITUDE that I was toguth by leaders. I GIVE BACK all the HELP and SUPPORT that I got when I need it for personal grow or family grow. For me live as a Mormon means BE THERE FOR YOU and The Mormons "ROCK'S at it." I PRACTICE the Active Faith that I'm tryint to master every day on my life. I STUDY from every book, magazine, article or talk that is given to me at church. And from every ACTIVITY that I go to whit my husband, sons, friends, campings, classes, social services. I get to get EXPERIENCE in every fiel that I need.

What is the Relief Society?

For me The Relief Society is a Perfect Organization that provides care, love and help in any way You can imaginate material and no material needs. In the the Relief Sociaty I can find every the kind of women that I need for my live: friends, teachers conseluors, visiting teachers, co-workers, and every single woman is willing to help you and comfor you, every one is guide by a specific pourpouse. Show more Show less