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Hi I'm James

It's His Life, but My Choice. I Adore Jesus Christ, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am not really good at this. I am no different than you. I have my passions, my desires, my hopes, and my dreams. I have a Love for Christ that I could not live without. He is my hope, my dream, my strength, and I can only pray that He give me the strength, patients, and courage to do what is right at all times. Like I said i have my passions. Other than my passion for Christ and his restored Church here on Earth. I am very passionate about flying. From the time I was a little boy I use to imagine myself flying like a hawk, spreading my wings and letting the winds take me higher and higher. Watching everything get smaller and smaller. I was able to achieve this goal for myself by becoming a pilot, and now I share this passion with anyone who will listen by teaching others how to fly. I am a father of one son, but I hope to have more children one day. I am also divorced. I was married for 8 years until I failed to be any kind of a husband and my wife could not handle it any longer and we decided we were better friends than spouses, and we were better apart than living together. So in order to save the relationship we divorced, and to this day (nearly 3 years later) we are still friends, better friends now than we ever were when we were married. I enjoy watching Sci-Fi especially where the story takes us to another world. I enjoy video games, outdoor activities, swimming, hanging out with friends, and developing relationships. I am no different than you...

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised a Catholic from Indiana where I was much like every other accident prone child, playing, yelling, laughing and enjoying life. Then one day my dad moved us to Arizona when I was 13. Here in Arizona's "Dry Heat" we continued on the path through the Catholic Church. I was involved with the Life Teen program and was very much in love with the church and with Christ. Until one day my girlfriend and I found out she was pregnant with my child. I was happy, even though we were not married I always wanted to be a father. Unfortunately this joy was short lived. I came forward to tell the Youth Minster at my church that my girlfriend was pregnant. His words were, "You shouldn't come around anymore. It's a bad influence on the teens." I was devastated. This is not what the Christ I knew would say, it is not what He said time and time again, but here I was being told not to come to church because I sinned. I became very angry, and I turned the rage toward God. My girlfriend and I got married, and we tried to live our lives as Christ taught, but I could not bring myself back to the Catholic Church. So we just did not go to church, at all. Then my marriage fell apart, and I was depressed to the point I was ready to take my own life. Until I prayed to God, "Please Dear Lord Help Me. I cannot do this alone!" Over the next couple years, one person after another just came into my life or returned at times I needed them most. These people have become my best friends, and one particular friend I met on a singles website. We chatted, text messaged, and called each other, and finally one day we met, and over the period of the next month or two I found what I was looking for, a solid foundation and belief in "The Family" and a firm unshakable Love for Christ. I asked and she said, "Yes I am a Mormon." From then on every word I have heard, or read has rang true to my soul.... And this is why I AM A MORMON!!

How I live my faith

I am a new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was Baptized on September 3rd, but I know in my heart I have been here much longer. I live my faith through reading The Book of Mormon, prayer, Sacrament Meeting, and standing before the world willing to give my account of my Love for Christ, that the Book of Mormon is TRUE, that we have modern day Prophets, and having a willingness to serve Christ as He sees fit. Let me share my testimony with you with an open heart and mind and you will agree that this is true, you will feel your heart swell with joy as your soul knows the truth already it is just waiting for you to hear the Gospel, and begin your journey to Paradise.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Family is the reason we were sent to the mortal life. We are to fulfil the commandment of God to "Be Fruitful and Multiple". So we are commaned of God to have families. Beyond that Families are a source of emotional and spiritual support. There is no bond closer than that between you and the family you are an active member of. Show more Show less