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Hi I'm Joseph

I'm a high school student, a violinist, a composer, an Eagle Scout, a sword fighter, an actor, a deep thinker, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have lived my whole life a native to the Phoenix metropolitan area. I love to play the violin, and have done so since fourth grade and have composed and arranged several pieces of music. I particularly like Vivaldi. I am currently a senior, woo hoo, and am planning on becoming a physics major. I achieved my Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America at 13 years of age, and am still helping out with the scouting program. One of my hobbies is sword fighting, somewhat linked to medieval reenactment. I also enjoy acting on stage and camera including several movies that my brothers have made, film production being their choice of major, and I enjoy helping in writing the scripts for said films. I am a great admirer of philosophy and science and I certainly take pleasure in writing when I have something to say. I know that there is an answer to every question, and I intend to find each and every one.

Why I am a Mormon

I am because I choose to be. I was born into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as were my parents before me, but it has always been my decision to stay. I would not be able to stand an instant without the joy and blessings that the gospel brings knowing it for what it really is. Without faith, hope, and charity there is nothing. Once you have it, you can never turn away unscathed. We humans in our fallen state cannot even dream about achieving perfection, or even justification on our own. We have all at some point in time gone against what we know to be right, which is by definition sin. Us humans, as weak as we are could not in an eternity rectify even our smallest of transgressions. That is why it is not only necessary, but essential to have someone perfect and without the stain of sin to atone for us, so that we may not only be justified, but sanctified if we but only repent of our mistakes and improve upon them. Jesus Christ our Savior made it possible that we may progress if we follow Him, that we may not be damned like a river, never continuing on. I know this to be true, and I know that through revelation, past , present, and future, if followed, will help each and every one of us to obtain our eternal glory. Through progression, we may become perfect.

How I live my faith

My faith comes with me wherever I go. Everything I do is based upon it, be it in work, play, family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. No matter the situation, my beliefs guide me. With everything I do, I try to improve in the way I do it. The easiest way to achieve perfection is to follow the example of the only person who has, our Savior Jesus Christ. Through following His teachings and actions, we become more like Him, and therefore more like what He is, perfect. One of the great things that Christ does for us all is service. Service to others is a big part of my life, and I could not bear to live without it, be it yard work, caroling, or even opening the door for others, it is all good, and brings me one step closer to what I should be, not to mention the satisfying feeling that it always gives me, regardless of the response of the recipient, though one of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that someone is even the least bit happier because of me. I also serve with the young men of our church ranging from generally 12-19 years of age. They are all superb chaps, who are very enjoyable to be with, who will become even greater men. I plan to live the rest of my life in the comfort and joy that my faith gives me every moment of each day.