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Hi I'm Madeline

I'm a mother, teacher, friend & advocate devoted to helping children with disabilities and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a single mother of two beautiful girls. They challenge me every day and bring me sweet joy. However, this wasn't always the case. My first daughter was born very special. I knew something was different when she wouldn't stop crying at the age of 18 months. After many nights in the emergency room, and after being told there was nothing wrong, I found myself feeling as though I was imagining it all. She would have the most violent temper tantrums and would bang her head against the wall for hours. I was desperate and would often blame myself that I was a terrible mother. It wasn't until she received the diagnosis that she was "At-Risk for Autism" that I finally had my answer. I was torn between grief and relief. Grief because my hope that she would be fine was not going to be met. And relief because I truly wasn't going crazy. This began my search to find her the best help possible and to educate myself. From that point on, working in the legal field was no longer what I felt best served my family. I returned to school and attained my graduate degree in Special Education. Through countless nights of research and speaking to people, I found many resources that helped me understand Autism. Now while there is no cure to Autism, she is close to being symptom-free and has made great strides at school. While my life is filled with challenges they are also met with compassion, knowledge and more importantly FAITH that my Heavenly Father will help me find my way.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the east coast, NJ/NY area but relocated to Arizona at the age of 15. I always thought I knew it all. But didn't every young teenage girl? I grew up in a family that was devoted to going to church every Sunday. So religion wasn't a foreign concept to me. I actually lived across the street from a convent and would pray the rosary with nuns. I learned early on in life that there was a God and that Jesus was my Savior. I had a great start, but I always had questions. I began my journey into seeking more at the age of 15 when we relocated to Arizona. I had friends in high school who were devout LDS members but I never really knew anything about it. It wasn't until I began working after high school that I was introduced to the church by a wonderful family. I started working for them as their nanny and eventually grew to love and respect the gospel. But that isn't where it ends. Being the sole member in my ENTIRE family on both sides, meant that I had to work very hard at staying faithful to my faith. I was ridiculed by many, and questioned by others and it was difficult. There are peaks and valleys to anything worth having in life. My testimony has been my beacon during times of difficulty and has always been my comfort in times of pain. No matter what challenges I face, my Lord and Savior is there for me and I KNOW he always will be.

How I live my faith

I truly believe that I was meant to be the mother of my two little girls because now, I'm able to help other families and children who also struggle. I began working as a Developmental Specialist and Early Interventionist for children ages 0-3. I taught Math and Science at a high school in a resource classroom environment. And Now, I am the Program Supervisor of a school devoted to helping children with similar situations. I live my faith through my daily works with my students and with my colleagues. I also have created a support group for families who also seek knowledge and understanding on how to help their beautiful little ones grow and thrive in life. I am able to touch lives daily by being compassionate and empathetic and through these acts, I can help a child or mother through the similar challenges I have faced in the past. I was a nursery school teacher at my church which was extremely rewarding. I would often find any opportunity to help children with developmental delays work toward those milestones. Overall, any community activity would give me an opportunity to help parents and children the best way I could. My faith has helped me through many trials and I'm extremely proud to share this with others.