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Hi I'm Whitney.

I teach piano. I write movies. I dance when no one is watching. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised with an appreciation for hard work, a love for the creative arts, and a deep respect for all cultures and religions. I worked through high school as a tutor and retail cashier, balancing AP studies with improv comedy performances, all state choirs, and all sorts of musicals and plays. I worked through college as a financial aid rep and a bank teller, and in 3 1/2 years got my Bachelor's in Screenwriting from a prestigious film school in California. During that time, I spent a semester studying film and Maori dance in New Zealand, and falling in love with that beautiful country. I also spent two weeks living at a Buddhist Dharma Arts center in Colorado, learning to meditate and appreciate both the simplicity and complexities of that belief system. After I graduated, I learned Spanish and served a mission in Argentina, came home and married my best friend, and have worked as a piano teacher, loan officer, script doctor, and currently own my own business selling emergency preparedness supplies. My full time job, however, is being the mother of two very active little boys. I still love to do improv comedy when I get the chance, and I write scripts or edit novels whenever I find the time. I've learned that some things in life, like money, jobs, interests, and opportunities, they all come and go, but family and happy memories, those last forever. So that is where my focus is.

Why I am a Mormon

Some people have discredited my faith by saying that because I was born and raised in this religion, I'm simply "brainwashed" or living off of borrowed faith. Trust me though. I went to 4 years of public school, 3.5 years at a liberal arts school (emphasis on the liberal), have studied world religions, attended other religious meetings, and lived away from home, first in a different state, and then twice on two different continents. I know how to think for myself, and I've done my homework on what the official doctrines are of various religions. And the doctrines that make the most sense are those of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But I'm not just relying on my brain, I'm also relying on my heart. I truly believe that God is literally the Father of my Soul, and I talk to him often in prayer, the same way any child can go to his or her father for advice. I have asked him if Jesus Christ really did walk on the earth millenia ago, healing the sick, suffering in Gethsemane, dying on the cross, and resurrecting as the Savior of mankind, if He really did appear to Joseph Smith and call him to be a prophet of God, like Noah or Moses, if there really are twelve apostles today just like Peter, James and John and those of the New Testament, if the Book of Mormon is really a true record, just like the Bible. And the resounding answer to all those questions was YES. The answer has come again and again through out my life, sometimes as a thought I couldn't push away, sometimes as a feeling of peace and calmness, other times as a burning sort of excitement. I know those feelings are the Spirit, and I know they are answers from my Father. So while it would have been a lot simpler at times to stop living certain commandments, follow the social pressures around me and stop being a Mormon, I couldn't, because I have a relationship with my Father in Heaven, and that is more important than any other relationship that might pressure me.

How I live my faith

At church, we learn a lot about charity, faith, patience, and how to apply these gospel principles to our everyday lives, especially within our families. I love the importance the family takes in our religion. They teach us how to have family prayer, family scripture study, hold family councils for important decisions, how to continue dating our spouse to keep the marriage alive, how to have weekly family nights with lessons and activities to strengthen family bonds and help our children become good citizens of our communities. I love the things I learn at church and how they help me be a better parent, smarter business owner, and a more confident individual. At church, I also get the chance to teach. I work as a Sunday School teacher for adults. I get to teach a 45 minutes scripture study class on Sundays. Last year we studied the Old Testament, and I loved sharing my favorite stories and the everyday applications they have, such as Gideon and his army teaching us about "miracle-sized" trials, or Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego teaching about the "but if not" factor of faith. This year we are studying the New Testament, and I have really enjoying understanding more about the man Peter and putting myself in his shoes and appreciating everything he experienced and did. Teaching the adults is wonderful, because even though I'm the teacher, they share their experiences and insights with me, and I feel like I learn just as much from them as they do from me. I also get to work as a music coordinator. I pick the hymns the congregation will sing each Sunday. I also help put together special musical numbers to preform instead of hymns. In the past, we've had a youth strings quartet, children's choirs, adult vocal duets with guitar and violin, flute solos, piano duets, the list goes on and on. I even have a harpist lined up for a special Christmas program. The talent of the members amazes me and I feel so fortuante to get to be a part of the music in our church.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

We believe that grace is God stepping in to make up for our weaknesses. No man, no matter how good he tries to be, will live a perfect life, and whatever little (or big) sins we might have, those sins keep us from being worthy to return and live in God's presence. But through the Atonement, Christ made it possible for us to repent, and it is His Grace that allows us to get rid of those sins, it is His mercy that makes up the difference. Now, God always respects our agency, so we have to choose, through our obedience and repentance, to accept his grace and mercy. If we don't follow the commandments, and don't repent of our sins, His Grace can't help us. We believe it is be grace we are saved, but only after doing the best we can. Show more Show less