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Hi I'm Kathryn

I'm a thirty-something married woman raising four young children.

About Me

I am a third generation Arizona girl. I am a stay at home mom of four kids, ages 8 months-6 years old. Before staying home I studied and worked as a Social Worker. I find people, social problems, and mental illness extremely intriguing! Before that I served a full-time mission to Taiwan, Mandarin speaking. This was a great blessing in my life, I worked hard but had a lot of fun! I am always reading, both fiction and non-fiction. I am a total health nut! As a family, we love music. I play the piano, my husband plays guitar, and we all love to sing. I also like sewing, crafting, and home decorating. I have a lot of dreams of things I would like to do and places to travel, but for now, raising my kids is taking up most of my time. I want them to be the best they can be, and to be contributing members in society.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised Mormon, but had to grow in faith until I had a solid testimony of my own. I have dedicated much soul searching, study and prayer to gain this conviction. I have really deep roots in the church, as my ancestors go all the way back to Joseph Smith, whom some of them even knew personally. I am grateful for this heritage of believers and pioneers and especially for parents that raised me with these beliefs. People tend to think that somebody who is raised in a faith only believe it because that's all they've ever known. For me, I've never been one to blindly follow after things; I question everything. When I was in high school, I went to my friend's church to see what it was like, just to compare. I always knew the church felt right, good, and true; however, I still had to gain my own faith and my own testimony. In the Book of Mormon, it teaches us that we can ask God if the Book of Mormon is true, and come to know for ourselves. I prayed and did as it asked, and the voice inside my head said "of course it's true, I've been telling you that all your life". Once you know the Book of Mormon is true, everything else kind of builds upon that. Because I have tried to live righteously and repent as I go, my faith has increased. Growing up as a Mormon is wonderful; the church nurtures your growth as a person and gives you plenty of opportunities to learn and build your own testimony. Some people think of us as "sheltered", but I think this is a good thing! I was fortunate to be surrounded by other member friends that didn't pressure me to get into compromising situations such as drinking parties or being unchaste. I love this church with all my heart and would do anything for it, whether it was giving everything I had, serving in any capacity, or even giving my life in defending my testimony. Whatever effort I have put into being a good Mormon has been rewarded hundreds of times over! It is everything to me!

How I live my faith

Every Sunday we get our four squirmy kids dressed for church at 9 AM....It's a bit of a challenge some mornings, but it is so worth it! We always come home after church feeling happier and more dedicated to being a better people! During church, I teach the nine and ten year olds from the scriptures. This is not a job I would have chosen at first, but now that I've been doing it, I wouldn't trade it for anything! This goes to show how Heavenly Father knows our talents and ways we need to grow! I try to keep the good feeling from church with me throughout the week through regular prayers and gospel study, as well as serving others -there always seems to be somebody somewhere needing help when you are looking for it. I try and teach my kids little "lessons" of how to live righteously, because I know it will make them happy, just as it does me! We believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus know us personally, and that we can truly feel them in our lives, just as you would somebody in front of your face. I have had many profound opportunities that have led me to understand and develop this relationship. Every day faces us with temptations, and its important to choose righteously in order to keep them in perspective. I believe that it's easy to get in the same mindset as the world at large, where "everybody's doing it" becomes the rationale for a whole host of sins. It's important to keep in mind that Heavenly Father knows what I know and therefore expects more out of me. This is all for my own good, among other very compelling reasons! It's a wonderful journey to be on!

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Mormons are encouraged to serve full-time missions, this is especially stressed to young men of age 19, and extended to women of age 21, if they feel so inclined. For me, I grew up with four brothers and taunted them with "you have to serve a mission and I don't!" LOL! But as I matured and gained a testimony, I grew to feel more and more compelled to serve-I had been given a testimony and there were so many people out there who didn't know of the gospel. I knew this could be a great blessing in their lives! This was solidified through much prayer. The church would never put anybody down for not having served a mission, the encouragement in given in love and long-suffering. I knew of one young boy who was nearing the "mission age" of 19, and he felt it may be hard to serve because of a serious weight problem. His youth leaders committed to exercise with him every morning. They never pressured him, but were patient and helpful to him. The church has a wonderful program for training and preparing it's missionaries. We go out as simple young people, and our greatest asset is not our knowledge but our testimony! Everything is made possible when a humble, willing and righteous person puts their hand in the Lord's and offers to serve him! Show more Show less