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Hi I'm Michael

Demolition Contractor, private pilot, outdoorsman, married 35 years and raised three incredible children. Yep...I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an only child, born to loving parents that while not wealthy, provided me with all of the necessities of like and made sure I had the opportunity to get an education. Since the age of 12 I have always had some kind of employment. Dad taught me how to work and Mom taught me how to save, take care of my things to make them last. Although not practicing members of any religion, they were honorable people. My folks left me with their good name and reputation which I have done my best to honor. I married a smart, beautiful and spiritual woman with a similar background. We have 3 grown children that make us very proud. I am currently the senior partner in a general contracting firm that specializes in structural and selective demolition. 32 years of hard work this company has provided me with a comfortable life that enables me to set my own schedule and serve in the community as well as the Church. Being an aircraft owner and pilot I for almost 20 years, I have travel as far as Alaska on many hunting and fishing adventures. I also use my aircraft to fly blood from donor sites to hospitals around the state and provide free medical transportation to destitute patients and also physicians that donate their time careing for those in need. My wife and I (accompanied by our Chihuahua) enjoy flying to various locations from the coast of California to the mountains of Colorado.

Why I am a Mormon

I know that I am a son of God, the loving Heavenly Father of all of our spirits. God has a plan for each of us. This plan is to come to this earth and be born of mortal parents so that our spirits could have a physical body and gain experience that would not be possible any other way. We chose to leave his presence to become mortal beings. God also gave us the freedom as mortals to make our own choices and learn the good from the bad. Bad choices in this life bring us unhappiness. Good choices bring us joy. Jesus Christ is also a son of God and was chosen to come to earth, take on a mortal body and teach us by word and example how to make good choices. These teaching are found in the Bible and other Holy Scripture. If we follow the example and teachings of Christ, when our mortal time here on earth is finished, our spirits can return to again live with God our Heavenly Father and continue to learn and become more like Him. This is His plan for us, the plan for eternal happiness and progression for ourselves, our friends and our entire family. My membership and years of activity and service in the Mormon Church has helped me follow God's plan and find the promised peace and happiness by knowing who I am and why I am here on earth today. I also take comfort in knowing that death is not the end but merely a continuation of our qwest for knowledge and understanding. Being surrounded by people that have this same knowledge and desire to do what is right has been a great help to me personally. When I stray from the path, someone is there to guide me gently back. I do the same for those that have temporarily lost their way. What a great blessing that is to those of us raising children. We are surrounded on all sides by good people helping other good people as we all have the occasional struggle with the challenges of everyday life. Best of all is having my sweet wife, my eternal companion, by my side to share every joy and every challenge as my equal.

How I live my faith

Christ taught that we can show our love and appreciation for Him by loving and serving all of Gods children. I have remained active in church service and participated in community service organizations for many years. My desire is to "put back" in some small way a few of the blessings myself and my family have received. Every day is not a joyfull experience but there are so many more good days than bad! Not every act of service is recognized by the world but the warm feeling you get from giving your best without the expectation of reward or recognition is the acknowledgement from our Heavenly Father that He is aware, and well pleased. My current assignment is working as a counselor to the ecclesiastical leader (Bishop) of our congregation (Ward) of Young Single Adults. Our members range in age from approximately 19 to 30 years of age. My wife also serves with me in the ward. We love the assignment and being surrounded with wonderful people as we work, serve and worship together. As a couple we were priviledged to serve as Senior Missionarys in London England for 18 months. This service varied from sweeping floors, fixing bicycle tires, providing leadership training for less experienced members to teaching those investigating the church about the Gospel of Jesus Christ being restored to the world in it's fulness in these the "Latter Days". I have spent many years participating with the Boy Scouts of America as a leader of the youth and as a trainer and administrator of Scouting events and programs. Many of those young men that I worked with are now grown and have families of their own. We remain good friends to this day with fond memories of working, learning skills, developing talents and giving service to our community. I live my faith by doing my best to practice the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, being honorable in all things, blessing my fellowmen through service and sharing the gospel by word and deed with all that will recieve it.