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Hi I'm Anjenette

I love to cook and sew and quilt and write and read. I am a military wife and the mom of 8. And I am a Mormon.

About Me

I spend a lot of my day picking up, cleaning up and cheering up. I have seven children ranging from high school to toddler and calling our home hopping would be reasonable. In fact my youngest thinks the best way to move is by jumping. We are blessed to have an angel in heaven. She makes our goal of an eternal family very personal and real. I have been married nearly two decades and my husband has just completed his education (cross you fingers!) He is an Air Force physician which has allowed us many opportunities for growth and independence. It has also given us some unique travel opportunities. As an Air Force brat and the wife of a military man I have lived in Arizona, Alaska, Utah, Colorado, Alabama, Texas, Ohio, England, Virginia, Maryland, Idaho, California, Japan, and Iowa. When I went to college I could always answer the first question, "What's your name?" Being an unusual one it got comments. But then we got stuck on the second question, "Where are you from?" I finally figured out I could say "America, but my parents live in England." It got a little confusing from that point on. I love the life I live. I have amazing children who present me with daily opportunities for learning and growth. I have a husband who loves me and loves my cooking! I have an extremely close extended family whom I can comunicate with using incredible computer technology. And I have dear friends who have my back when the day to day gets hard.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I NEED personal revelation. I have a relationship with my God that is personal and interactive. I draw power and strength from daily (sometimes hourly) personal prayer. I am currently reading the New Testiment and finding hints and guidance from the power of the scriptures. My first daily acts turn my face to God so in my personal battles with myself I can claim the inspiration that comes from Him. Because I grew up without a hometown and because I couldn't ever run home to "just ask Mom about..." I have been forced to turn to prayer and revelation for answers to questions or solutions for problems. It has been a good thing for me. My mom didn't know how to deal with the loss of a child, but my Savior does. My mom didn't know how to raise children on the autism spectrum, but my Savior does. My mom DOES know how to teach me to pray with an expecation of an answer. It is how she has lived her life and how she taught me to live mine. I KNOW my Savior loves me. I know he personally knows me and each one of my children. He knows how to help me raise them to be functioning, contributing, happy adults and how to keep my sanity and self in the process. Because I know him I know I can look for his hand in all the small tender mercies I see in my life. And I know I can be a gift to others if I listen for his guidance. I know that if I live up to my covenents and follow the plan of happiness my family can be eternal. When this life is over we will be a family in heaven, with ALL of my children. I did not lose my first child forever. I will have her again in heaven because the priesthood power that was restored to the earth through Jesus Christ to Joseph Smith. I have been sealed to my husband in the temple through that authority and our children are ours forever if we live righteously.

How I live my faith

I am a very visible member of my community just by virtue of my many children--who all look alike. I still have two at home and they come everywhere I go. That limits me a bit in how much I can do formally, but informally I try to be as helpful and friendly as I can be. My current jobs in church are as the pianist for our women's organization and as a secretary of sorts for our system of watch care amoung the women. All women in a ward are given the opportunity to have another woman assigned as her partner. Together they (we) are given a group of "assigned friends" to visit monthly. As a visiting teacher my best talent is to listen. I'm really good at that. But I also bring in meals, watch children, teach life skills, give rides, and paint walls--whatever is needed. At the end of the month I am responsible for reporting if all the women were visited and whether there are special needs or circumstances. I am nothing extraordinary or super. I have some skills I love to share and to teach. I share knowledge I have aquired and love that I have in abundance. I look for opportunities to serve and with the best of my capacity I do that service.