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Hi I'm Amy

I hunt for treasure in thrift stores. I adore color contrast. Mid-century design and Sci-fi make me giddy. I’m a Mormon.

About Me

I am married to a great guy and am the mother of three amazing girls. I have a B.S. in Clothing and Textiles and have had several related businesses in the past ranging from a brick & mortar store to wholesaling my own bridal accessory designs and being a Powerseller on eBay. I love to encourage friends to develop their own businesses when they begin to lean in that direction. I believe that everyone has a skill or hobby they can capitalize on! I usually have some product ideas bouncing around in my head. I gave up my online businesses a few years ago to focus on being a mom but now that all of the girls are in school I am starting to get the entrepreneurial itch again! I have had a lot of experience with sewing, cross stitch and other needle arts. I am excited to start crocheting again and look forward to making some great projects. I love sci-fi and time period movies as well as foreign films. We planted our first garden this year and we look forward to watching it flourish. Thrift stores draw me in like a bee to honey...you never know what you will discover! Life is good!

Why I am a Mormon

My parents have always been members of the church so many may logically think that is why I am now a member. They took me to church and practiced the religion themselves but the time came when I needed to truly choose that life for myself. Once I was no longer living at home I had to choose…did I want to continue living the lifestyle that I grew up with? I had always known deep inside that being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was right but after a few hard knocks from life I REALLY knew the gospel was true, and that Heavenly Father loved me. I have felt more freedom and happiness by following the teachings of Jesus Christ and living His fully restored gospel than I have from any other endeavor. Through the influence of Christ, and His church, in my life, I feel that my mind has been opened not only to spiritual truths but to all kinds of different truths and understanding. I know that my Heavenly Father knows me personally, and that I am His child. It is amazing to me that He would sacrifice his only begotten son so we may have the opportunity to return to Him and that Jesus Christ would willingly sacrifice Himself for us! I am thankful for a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I know that he is the literal mouthpiece of Jesus Christ on the earth today just as prophets like Moses and Peter were. I know that our Father’s influence can always be felt if we choose to seek it out and find it for ourselves. He personally communicates to us through The Holy Ghost and when I need direction in my life I am led in the way that I should go. The gospel is real and it is true…every aspect of it. It is Christ’s church and through it and its principles, I have found a fullness of happiness and peace. We are the children of a Heavenly Father. He longs to bless us and have us with Him always. All we need to do is follow His Son in the path that He has provided for us and all blessings of the blessings of heaven can be ours!

How I live my faith

There are many ways I live my faith. Some of the basic things I do are things like reading my scriptures and praying daily. I do not drink tea, coffee, alcohol nor do I smoke or take drugs that would harm me. I even gave up caffeinated soda about 13 years ago and I don’t miss it at all! I strive to use clean language and be a good example to my children and to those around me. I strive to show respect to others. I dress modestly and have dressed my daughters modestly since they were babies. Now they like to be modest! I enjoy wholesome entertainment...there is a lot out there! I do not shop or go to sporting events/concerts on Sundays. I strive to love and help those around me. I strive to be thrifty and frugal. I enjoy thrift shopping and making things. I enjoy mowing my neighbor’s lawn. I volunteer at our elementary school. We donate clothes, food and personal hygiene items to those in need. I am faithful to my husband. All of these things have helped me grow closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have served in many ways within the church organization. I have taught many different Sunday gospel classes, sewing, and craft classes. I have held leadership positions to serve children, teenage girls, and women. I have taught others about food storage and how to use canning machinery. I have helped needy families in our congregation obtain the food that they need. My family and I have helped to clean the church building many times. I have helped to organize and carry out fun and original activities for children and for our entire congregation. A friend and I visit other women monthly with a spiritual message. We pay tithing on our income and also donate additional money toward missionary work, humanitarian efforts and the building of temples. I have had the opportunity to speak before our congregation. I am able to bear my personal testimony of Jesus Christ everywhere I serve and when I do, that testimony is strengthened.

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

One great blessing I receive from reading the scriptures is immediate...I feel the presence of The Holy Ghost. The great thing about that blessing is that when I regularly read the scriptures and feel his presence it makes it easier for me to recognize him in other aspects of my life. If I unexpectedly feel that I should do something like go visit someone, read something specific, or even just take an alternate route home I can tell if it is just my own idea or if it is something that The Holy Ghost is prompting me to do. I know that when The Holy Ghost tells me to do something that it is what Heavenly Father wants me to do. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

As President Hinckley states, "We do not worship [Joseph Smith] the Prophet. We worship God our Eternal Father and the risen Lord Jesus Christ". That being said, we do revere Joseph Smith. He is a very special prophet to us just as Moses is special to the Jews for his role in leading the children of Israel out of Egypt. Joseph Smith did something for us that we could not do for ourselves, he was an instrument in the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was a humble man and did not seek out this mission but was chosen by our Heavenly Father to complete it. We are extremely grateful to him, for his work and for his sacrifice. Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

The Law of Chastity teaches us that the sacred power of procreation is so special that it should only be exercised with our husband or wife within a legal & lawful marriage. The use of this power before marriage can wreak all kinds of havoc within our lives. It can cause mistrust, it can greatly lower our personal self-concept and reduce our respect for the opposite gender as well as ourselves. The Holy Ghost also cannot guide and direct us when we misuse the power of procreation. When it is exercised in a healthy manner within marriage it not only enhances and enriches our lives and relationship, but it can enrich our spiritual lives as well. Show more Show less