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Hi I'm Ken

I'm an Indonesian/Californian/Texan, a former US Navy pilot, an aerospace engineer, a husband and father, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Surabaja, Indonesia and did my growing up in Indonesia, the Netherlands (Holland), Massachusetts, and California. I consider La Mirada in Southern California my "home town". I'm a long time scouter and have served at the unit, district, and council levels. I'm an Eagle Scout and as an adult I have earned the Silver Beaver. I'm a graduate of the US Naval Academy and while in the Navy served as a Naval Aviator (pilot). The past 25+ years I've been an aerospace engineer working at the Douglas Aircraft Company, which became McDonnell Douglas, and which in turn became Boeing. Most of that time was at the Long Beach plant in SoCal. I'm still a Boeing employee, but now in San Antonio. I still love scouting and my scouting experience causes me to love camping, hiking, and backpacking. But I'm also an NRA qualified rifle, shotgun, and black powder instructor, a range safety officer, an archery instructor, a Project COPE director, and a Rock Climbing director. So basically all my hobbies relate in one or another to the outdoors and scouting. Another love I have is for classic American muscle cars. My favorite car was my 1970 fastback Mustang. It had the Cobra Jet 351 Cleveland engine with "shaker" hood scoop, Ford "top loader" 4 speed, and a limited slip 9 inch rear end. Someday I hope to recreate that car.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon for many reasons. First and foremost is because I desire to follow my saviour Jesus Christ and I believe the LDS church to truly be His church. Secondarily, the church has provided me with greater knowledge on how to build an eternal relationship with my wife, how to best raise my family, and how to find personal peace and joy in this life. The church has also provided me with many wonderful opportunities to serve.

How I live my faith

I live my faith first and foremost by being the best husband I can be. A close second is being the best father and grandfather that I can be. The church has taught me that my relationship with my wife is the most important relationship I can develop in this life and in the next life. My children and other posterity will also be with me for eternity and so it is important to keep those bonds strong and healthy. Service to others is a basic requirement of discipleship and so I serve in all sorts of ways in the church and the community. In an official capacity for the church I am called and serve in the Stake Young Men presidency as the first counselor. I help organize all sorts of youth events including an annual Youth Conference for both girls and boys, an annual high adventure outing for older boys, an annual Camporee for younger scouts, and an annual missionary preparation retreat for boys 16 and up. In the community I've served as the District Training Chair where I conduct training for adult leaders from basic training up to Wood Badge. I also serve as a Block Captain in our neighborhood association.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

We are the literal offspring of God. We have a heavenly Father and heavenly Mother. They were not always gods, but became gods by learning and living eternal principles. Their greatest desire is for their children to inherit all the glory, power and above all, the fullness of JOY that they have. So they developed a plan whereby we may achieve this. The plan required us to become mortal and live by faith on an imperfect world filled with temptation and corruption. Because we were certain to sin and become unclean during this important mortal experience, a Savior was necessary to provide an atonement, whereby our sins could be forgiven and we could become clean again. Our eldest brother, Jehovah, volunteered to be that Savior and we know him as Jesus Christ. By sincerely repenting of our sins and making covenants, the atonement has full effect on us and we will not only overcome death and be resurrected, but will have all our sins forgiven. This makes it possible for us to return to our Father's presence where we may learn everything else that is necessary to become as He is. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

We believe that we are his literal offspring and so He is our literal father. We believe he has a wife, who is literally our mother. We believe he was not always God, but became a god by applying and living eternal principles. He desires for his children to become like Him and share in all the glory, power, and most importantly JOY that He has. So he developed a plan that would enable us, his offspring, to became gods like Him. His plan included becoming mortal and living a mortal life on an imperfect Earth. This plan necessitated a Savior, who is our eldest brother and who we know as Jesus Christ. Jesus' atonement makes possible our Father's plan to become like our Father and is why Jesus is the center of our faith and our worship. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Throughout all time, beginning with Adam, there have been prophets on the Earth. This has never changed, including today. Joseph Smith was the first "modern" prophet and Thomas Monson is our prophet today. Prophets are ordinary, imperfect mortals with faults and short comings common to all humans. The only thing that really sets them apart is that they have been given an extraordinary responsibility, and they carry out that responsibility with "fear and trembling" like every other mortal who has been given a responsibility from the Lord. Show more Show less