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Hi I'm Tobin Griffeth

I’m a US Air Force Officer. A Texan that speaks Portuguese. I clothed needy Afghans. I have children in heaven. I’m a Mormon.

About Me

I’m a Judge Advocate General (JAG) for the US Air Force. I have a wife who has kept me in line since 1990 and inspires me daily. I don't know what I would be without her. We have had four children and lost two within the first month after birth from a rare genetic disorder. The doctor told us the odds were high we would never have another healthy child beyond the one we already had. We prayed and God whispered otherwise so we tried again and when our miracle happened we gave that beautiful baby boy a middle name of "Chance". The hardship has blessed me with knowing how lucky I am to have two healthy boys here on earth, it has made me a better father & it has strengthened my faith to live righteously so that I can be united again someday with all my children. As a young man I chose to serve a church mission in Brazil. I love Brazil! I have used the Portuguese I learned to have a Brazilian exchange student (who still calls me dad) and to teach political and military leaders from Brazil & Africa. In 2009 I deployed to Afghanistan and due to efforts to clothe them a christian organization at beliefnet.com nominated me and a Catholic friend as two of the most inspirational people in the US in 2009 http://www.beliefnet.com/Inspiration/Most-Inspiring-2009.aspx?p=8. I felt inspired to join the military in 2001. I knew why I joined when shortly after that I stood watching the Twin Towers burn and fall. Nothing means more to me than God, my country, our freedom and my family.

Why I am a Mormon

The gospel of Christ enriches my life, the life of my family and all of those around me. I’m grateful my Father had the courage to join and follow what he knew was right despite all of the belittling he received by his older brothers for his decision when he was a young man. His choice has blessed me. However, the only way to remain faithful in the gospel is to learn for yourself that it is true. Despite being raised in the Church as a child I was not always as valiant as I should have been nor did I do the searching, pondering and praying that is needed to be done for the spirit to confirm its truths. Then as a eighteen year old I had a girlfriend of another faith and I began to search and seek for the truth and which path I should follow. One day the after reading the scriptures and praying to know what to do a feeling of warmth and love rushed through my veins. I knew the teachings I had been receiving were not only good but they were true and that I needed to follow them. It was late that night but desire to change for the better was so strong that I drove to the church to speak to my bishop and to tell him I wanted to serve a mission. Because it was almost midnight no one was at the church but as I started to leave my loving Bishop drove up and said, “Tobin, do you need to speak to me? I had a feeling I needed to come here tonight.” Since then I have served a mission in Brazil and I have tried daily to live and to learn the teaching of Jesus. My life has been enriched, I have an inner calm and I have never looked back since. But most importantly I have been able to better my life, follow the teachings of Christ and I have been able to help many others follow the eternal truths of our Father in Heaven.

How I live my faith

One day at a time! I try to serve those in need whenever I can. Usually that means doing something for those immediately around me; my neighbor, caring for my family, serving others in church and seeking to give an honest day’s work. At times it means riding a bike over 160 miles to raise money for multiple sclerosis or meeting the desperate needs of those outside of the country http://www.ldschurchnews.com/articles/58416/Spirited-rivalry-blessing-lives.html. But, no success could ever compensate for failure in our home so I have fun with my boys, teach them, love my spouse and of course read the scriptures and pray daily to seek growth or guidance. As far as serving in my church (no one is paid to minister in our Faith) I am currently a member of the Bishopric but my funnest callings were my two year mission to Brazil and a Seminary teacher for our youth (the youth meet each day for one hour before school to study the scriptures). I think the hardest thing to do is to keep a positive attitude even when things look their darkest. Spring always comes after winter and likewise growth and goodness follow any difficult trial that is endured with a proper and seeking soul. I am grateful for hardships. After we lost two children in two years I learned first hand that any experience can bring strength if we but let it. Since then many others we know have lost children and our temporary loss has enabled us to help them as we look forward to our eternal gain when we are reunited with them after this short time of probation. I know a family can be together forever in Heavenly Father’s plan. I think a life of service in the military has helped keep me focused on others instead of self. It has been my experience that most who are unhappy have only sought to meet their own selfish desires. I love life! You can lift no one higher than you are. Thus, I always seek to love and to grow while sharing my beliefs with others whenever possible.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Tobin Griffeth
This is a good question, because many people believe that we do worship him. Joseph was a prophet of God as was Moses, Noah and many before him. I love and respect Joseph Smith, and believe he was an amazing man who served as a Prophet of God in helping to restore the Church that Jesus Christ established while he lived on the earth. With that said, while we love and respect him and the work he was called to do, we do not worship him. We worship God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. This is not the Church of Joseph Smith, it is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The name of the Church actually makes it very clear who it is that we worship. Show more Show less