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Hi I'm Baylee

I'm not a fan of the immediate judgement and stereotypes directed toward me and my faith, but I AM a mormon, and I'm proud to be!

About Me

I was born and raised in the cold, small town of Farmington, New Mexico. Moved to Mesa, Arizona before I turned 11 and now I live in San Tan Valley (Arizona). I'm aretty shy person, but i have a funny side, too! I LOVE music!

Why I am a Mormon

Both of my parents were born in the church, so I was born in the church too. But even being born in the church, I have had hard times and experiences that, while living in it, I would selfishly say "I don't deserve..." But looking back, so far, I haven't had any experiences that HAVENT'T helped me later on or have told me something I really needed to learn. This gospel keeps me happy. I've already learned so much from it! (And no, nobody told me to say that. I did.) :)

How I live my faith

I always think of Seminary when I look at what I'm wearing. I always think of church when I think of what I'm going to say next. I always think of the people I will affect before I make a decision. I always make sure I stay a good example of the LDS church, because that's all I'll ever want to be, a good example.

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

When we go to church on Sundays we want to wear something nicer than just a T-shirt and jeans. I have talked a little about this with a friend who is not a member of my church. She said, "...we say you don't have to get dressed up, God doesn't care what you wear...it matters what's on the inside." And yes, that makes perfect sense! She made a very good point! But I then replied, "The reason we wear dresses or suits is because we think that going to church is more than just 'another thing we do during the week...' it's much more special than that! That is why we wear our "Sunday best!" When it comes to holidays and traditions, we're more normal than you think! We celebrate all the holidays that every one else does, but some of them are for a different reason. Easter is not just about a bunny who brings candy, it's celebrating the resurection of Jesus Christ. And Christmas is not only about Santa. Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, too. (If you go in a house, you might see a Nativity, which is a mini set of Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, three wise men, and sometimes other characters like animals or more people that set the scene of when Jesus was born in the manger.) Many other faiths do this, too, it's not just mormons. We don't have any scary traditions on holidays like eating green jello (although that would be tasty!) or killing a cow. (Where did that one come from?!) We just get together with the family and, well, celebrate! Trust me, we a.r.e normal! Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Well of course there's a chance that that fact can smack you in the face if you read the scriptures and pray, but personally I know that there is a God because of a lot of experiences and an overdue of "coincidences" I've had in my life. For example, ever since I moved to Arizona, every time I get a blessing (like for the first day of school or a church calling) there has A.L.W.A.Y.S been something said that I have been very recently wondering about but didn't yet even tell any one! It would be easy to call that a coincidence, but the words that are said are so exact that _I_ know that there is no way it could be! Stuff like these "coincidences" happen to me as often as at least once a week, which, yes, even I still think is a little crazy...! But, If there wasn't a God, that just wouldn't make sense.! Show more Show less