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Hi I'm Chris

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a happy husband of almost 7 years. I am a father to 2 boys and soon a little girl. We moved to Nebraska so that I could work on a PhD. The main passions in my life are my faith and my family. I also enjoy finding and trying new recipes, love college football, would talk about politics and economics at the drop of a hat, try to work out 5 days a week and enjoy reading good books. When school is finally finished, I hope to have the opportunity to teach and do research in my areas of interest. Hopefully I will be able to do this in an environment that includes land, livestock, and a big garden.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I am confident in the teachings I find here. I truly believe there is a God and that he is my Father. That knowledge alone shapes part of the way that I live my life, and the choices I make as a husband and father. I can still remember the first family friend of mine who died. I remember seeing his body at the viewing and thinking back about my time and conversations with him. I remember thinking that this was not the same man who was my friend, who talked with me and laughed with me, who taught me, who felt emotions throughout his life and worked hard. It really caused me to think more about this life and its purpose. I truly believe that the body that I saw was not the sum and substance of my friend who was gone, but that there is more to life and that life extends beyond what I see all around me. My faith has only grown in the Mormon church because I better understand that life is eternal and that shapes the way I look at trials and difficulties in my life. Because I believe my family can be together forever, I feel a great desire to really cultivate the relationships I have with my wife and kids. The greatest joys I have ever experienced are probably times many people would shrug off as insignificant, but I find great meaning in my family relationships and the laughter and love that I find there. If I had to quickly summarize why I was a Mormon I would say it is because I know I have a Father in Heaven, that He has provided a Savior for me which is His Son, Jesus Christ, and that there is a way provided that I can literally be with my family forever.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith by choices I make every day. There are some big choices I have made that involve things I absolutely will or will not do in life. For me those seem like the easier decisions to live with. I also try to live my faith by the small choices that I have to make every day. Those are choices like being involved with giving service at church, visiting the homes of people who may need help and being willing to offer that help, and being friends with those who may really need it. I live my faith by choosing not to watch movies or programs on t.v. that not only waste my time, but cause me to focus on messages that do not bring me any closer to Jesus Christ. I also try to live my faith by staying patient, trying to be understanding, and most of all by continuing to try. I have had enough experiences to know that 'living my faith' can be a difficult thing at times; but, I truly believe that we are living our faith when we make a choice to just keep trying, even when life is hard, when you have been tired for months (or years) and when you are facing difficult trials. Because my faith teaches me that families are so important, I believe I live my faith when I come home tired from a long day and instead of laying down I read a book to or wrestle with my boys. I live my faith by designating every Monday night as a time for our family to read scriptures together, pray together, and learn together. I live my faith by eating dinner with my family every day, by taking time to set the tent up in the living room and watch kids' movies, make smores in the microwave, explain why we don't need to get angry just because we can't do something the first time we try, go on dates with my wife, and enjoy holidays with the people I love the most.