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Hi I'm Carly

I'm a stay at home mom of two. I'm passionate about literature. I have a degree in Human Physiology. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've always been a self-proclaimed (and other-proclaimed) nerd, right down to participating on the academic team as a teenager. All those pictures have been destroyed! If I'm not reading, writing, or blogging, I sew (but not well) and scrapbook--but all this if I can find a moment without two small children climbing all over me. I'm a terrible cook, but can make a handful of special holiday dishes really well, so I'm hoping my in-laws will never know how bad I am. I am the girl next door. To my husband, I was in the most literal sense possible! We first met when we were only two years old, but became friends after our family moved in across the street from his family when I was eight. That does not mean it was love at first sight--not by a long shot! Despite being best friends for years, we didn't start dating until college--a gutsy move since we went to rival schools. We managed to overcome that obstacle, some how, some way, although rivalry week gets pretty heated at our house. We got married after I graduated with a degree in physiology. I went on to work as an academic advisor to new college students until our daughter was born. It was then I decided to stay home full time to take care of my children. Our daughter now has a baby brother. Between preschool and bottles, and oh-so-many diapers, I still find time to read everything I can get my hands on. I'm a huge believer in lifelong learning, formal or otherwise!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised as a Mormon, but that is not why I continued to be a member of the church today. As a teenager, I often questioned my faith and prayed to know if I was making the right choices, or if I was just following what I had always known. I remember one day as I was reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know for myself if this was the true gospel, I felt an unmistakable feeling that it was. I felt absolutely sure that I was in the right place at the right time, and that this was the truth in it's entirety. I felt closely connected to my Heavenly Father as I poured out my heart to him. That strong feeling brought tears of joy to my eyes, as it has many times in the years since as I have felt it confirmed time and time again that this is our Heavenly Father's church on earth. The aspect of the gospel that I am most grateful for at this time in my life is the knowledge that families are eternal. Shortly before we were engaged, my husband's father passed away very unexpectedly. Then again, shortly before our wedding, I lost my grandfather unexpectedly. This was a very difficult time for both my husband and me, but we felt comforted by the knowledge that we can and will see them again someday. There is no doubt in my mind that we will, and that knowledge is the only way to bear the death of a loved one. It means so much to me when my daughter tells me that someday she will get to meet her grandpa, even though he died before she was born. Being a mom, nothing is more terrifying than the thought of being separated from my children, but with the gospel in my life, I know that any separation is only temporary. What a source of peace to a mom who can worry about anything and everything! I know my biggest worries are covered, so I can focus on the day to day things, like my daughter's questionable teeth-brushing habits.

How I live my faith

In the church, I have worked in many service capacities that I have loved being a part of! I have worked with Cub Scouts, which taught me not only how to build a birdhouse, but that those same jokes we learned in the third grade are still in circulation, and boogers are still hilarious. I have had the opportunity to flex my writing skills working on various church performance programs and newsletters. Once I had an opportunity to write a spoof on the Grinch for a Christmas party, and I loved making up words! I am known for adding a little splash of sassiness to the weekly church bulletin, but I just really want to make sure people are paying attention to the announcements. Most recently, I was working closely with the teenage girls, teaching them, serving side-by-side with them, helping organize their activities, and even camping with them. They will be the first to tell you, I'm not so swift with the camping, but I try my best. I absolutely love these girls, and am amazed by how strong and beautiful the upcoming generation is! People say they are worried for our future and the world is falling apart, but from what I've seen, there is a lot of bright hope there too. My faith is strengthened daily as I work with beautiful girls who are realizing that their true beauty is on the inside, and they are capable of miracles. Working with the church and community, I get meet incredible people who are all working side-by-side for a common goal and making this world a better place. I am thankful every day to be a part of those goals and meet such great people. I'm a stay at home mom, sometimes my world is very small--limited to my four walls and the grocery store! Through the church, I get to be involved with projects and people that are helping in a thousand different ways all over the world. I might be stuck at home most of the day, but the quilt I help make can warm a body and soul halfway around the world, and that means a lot.