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Hi I'm Daryl Williams

I am a commercial trial lawyer. I am a pilot. I am a concert pianist. I do fine woodworking. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a commercial trial lawyer. I have tried many cases involving millions of dollars. I taught as an adjunct professor of law at ASU’s law school for two years, teaching technology in the courtroom. I make extensive use of technology for trial preparation and trial. I am a pilot and fly and work on my own airplane, a Cessna 421C. I have Type I diabetes, so I lost my aviation medical certificate, so I set out to change this prohibition. I got it done. I volunteered for the American Diabetes Association after I got diabetes. Served as board member of local and national organizations. Chairman of the board for the local affiliate. National government relations and national research policy committees. I have a 1,500 sq. ft. wood shop in my house. Build fine furniture and the like. I am a classical pianist. I still play everyday on my seven-foot concert grand, a Yamaha C7. I love Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Mendelssohn, Bach, Debussy, Greig, etc. I have always played in church and give recitals in my home.

Why I am a Mormon

I almost lost the piano when I stuck my hand in a lawnmower when I was fifteen. The doctors were going to amputate two of my fingers, but the pleading of my mother and a priesthood blessing provoked the hand surgeon to try to save my fingers even though he knew it was hopeless. I sat back down at the piano after twenty-five or more operations and a couple of years, having lost all coordination in my left hand. I pushed those fingers down one at a time with my right hand until I could work them and play again. Hours and hours and hours, but I did it. I committed to the Lord in the hospital that I would never attend a meeting without music if He would save my hand. The priesthood blessing said I had to commit to that. I did. I can play. That was a big miracle in my life and reinforced teachings I had had since I was small. My ancestors are Mormon pioneers. Lived in Missouri, Nauvoo, walked across the plains. They settled Ephraim and, then, Emery, Utah, where my dad was born and reared. My mom’s parents settled in Cache Valley, and she was born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I am not a Mormon because of my ancestors or my parents. They are great examples for me, but I am a Mormon because it is right. It is true. It is what fulfills me. It is my life. And I know it is right for my children and grandchildren, as well. I do not have one single friend who wouldn't be benefitted by being a member because of what I know it has done for me and can do for them.

How I live my faith

"Faith" means, for me, what I do because I believe in the gospel of Christ as restored in its fulness in the Mormon church. My whole life has involved me in doing things for others. I always play the piano when music is needed. I served as a scoutmaster for years. I visit the homes of my friends and those I hear are in need. I cannot count the number of Pinewood Derby cars cub scouts have built in my woodshop. I do it when someone needs a piece of furniture repaired. I am there to help with merit badges, especially aviation, work projects, helping people move, doing what needs to be done so that justice is done when I see someone in need. I speak out on moral issues where someone needs to take a stand, and I tell people why I am doing it.This runs the gambit from the importance of the family, marriage between a man and a woman, immigration issues, and charitable activities. I seek out opportunities to speak in public to diverse groups. I have stood up in public meetings of bar associations and vouched my opinions, as well as written to the justices of the Arizona Supreme Court about my feelings. I am an avid student of the scriptures, especially the Old Testament. I have studied assiduously for years, amassing thousands of pages of notes and analysis: exegetical analysis that includes mise-a-scene, archeology, stylistic forms, etc. I use this to teach the scriptures in classes, speak in church meetings, answer questions for those who are not members of the church. I taught high-school students about the scriptures for four years, everyday at 6:00am before high school classes. I willingly do what I am asked to do in church, even if I think, as I sometimes have, that the calling is a mis-match for my talents. I always attend church for both me and those who attend with me: we profit from each other.

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

Daryl Williams
I study the scriptures everyday. I enjoy both the intellectual exercise and the spiritual experience, both of which are rewarding. My favorite scriptures are in the Old Testament, which is intriguing to me because of its stylistic elements, literary qualities, and the mise-en-scene. It adds important context for my study of the Book of Mormon, which shares stylist and literary elements, and I do not believe a proper understanding of the New Testment is possible without understanding the Old Testament. The study of the scriptures keeps me intellecutally alive in a way other reading does not. The layers of meaning and complexity of this writing is challenging but available with effort. I find the exercise very satisfying. The consistency of message and purpose and presentation leaves me unable intellectually to disbelieve the verity of the scriptures. Spiritual experiences while studying the scriptures are like frosting on the cake. I have had remarkable epiphanies during my study that make it irrefragable that they contain the word of God and, importantly, that my Father in Heaven wants me to plumb their depths. My spiritual advantage is the resetting of my compass to avoid the precession of daily living and lfe with attendant, inevitable syncretisms. This resetting, which is enhanced by attending church, keeps me on path leading back to my heavenly home. Show more Show less