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Hi I'm April

I'm a young(ish) stay at home mom of 4 little girls. I love shoes. I love my life. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a proud mother to 4 young daughters. Life is funny and so I blog about it almost every day. I love that I live in a princess world, even though I used to say (before I had children) that I wanted 5 boys... I (think) I'm a fun mom. I believe in playing with the girls. So my house cleaning suffers occasionally from too much play. But I wouldn't change it. My house is the hangout spot for the neighborhood and I wouldn't change that either. I am a very active and competitive person. I play softball, basketball and tennis. I also love working out. I lift weights and run, so that I can eat more of what I love... Plus, it's a great stress relief and time I take for just me. I am happily married to the best father in the world. I don't know too many men who will wear a crown and have a "princess tea party" with 4 little girls. And we play sports together. It's how we bond. I used to work as a paramedic/firefighter. I "retired" in order to spend more time with my children. Hardest decision I've ever made.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I want my family to be together for all eternity. I was raised in the Church, but know for myself, what we believe is true. I come from a family that lost three boys to a childhood disease. My parents lost their first two children, had three of us, then lost another little boy when I was six. Then one more healthy child blessed our family. I have always know and been comforted that those boys are a part of our family. I KNOW that they are ok. That they are a part of me. That they will be with us again. Now that I am an adult, I have my own daughter who has a disease that will prevent her from reaching adulthood. I can face this with grace and understanding and peace, because I have a testimony of the Plan of Salvation. I know that there is a plan in place that will allow us to be with our daughter again. Life isn't easy, it isn't "fair", but it IS wonderful. The hardness makes us better. I know that I have a Father in Heaven and a Savior who know me. They know you. They care what happens to us. Christ suffered for us. He really does know what we are going through. He went through it for us, in the Garden of Gethsemany. There is a living prophet on the earth. It only makes sense that the same system that existed when Christ was on the earth and from the time of Adam, would still be in place today. I am thankful for a Heavenly Father who still talks to us today. Who guides and leads the Church. I know that if I follow the teachings of my leaders, my life will be better and I will be able to make it through whatever challenges come my way.

How I live my faith

I am very active in helping with the children of the Church. I am over the kids in our ward (church group) that are three to seven. There are around 90 of them. I love to teach them and sing with them and learn from them. They are so funny and so wise. I am surprised by my capacity to love so many children and genuinely care for their wellbeing. I love watching them "get it" when I am teaching a new idea or principle to them. I also sing in our choir. I don't think there is an easier way to bear testimony than to do it through song. There are amazing talented people that have written such beautiful music. It brings the Spirit to a meeting like nothing else can. I play my flute whenever I get the chance as well. One thing I was taught as a child is to serve. Serve those around you. I am thankful for my parents making that a part of who I am today. I try and reach out to those that are struggling or lonely or sad or lost. Everyone needs to be valued and I strive to be there for people. My children will be raised knowing that we help others. Period. We do what we can. Every time. And I'm unofficially that party planner for our ward. I always have groups of people over to mix and mingle and get to know each other. We had our annual Easter Egg hunt in our yard this year with 11 families from church. Many of them new. It was great! And we all made some wonderful new friends that day.