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Hi I'm Elise

I grew up on the west coast of the US. I'm a mother of five young ones, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a family of five kids. I graduated from High School at 18 and joined the US Army Reserves serving a total 8 years. I never was called to duty, but I am proud to have been a part of those honorable men and women for a while. I got married to my high school sweetheart at 19 and after three years started my family.....we'd hoped for two boys. Instead we were guided along a different path and ended up having 5 kids in 5 years. Oh, we got our two boys, just sandwiched in between three other girls like a little baby sandwich! We live in Washington State and have so for most of our lives now and are so grateful for it's beauty and lushness. Neither my husband nor I ended up going to college but having our five children before I was 28 was well worth the trade off. We still hope to be able to go to college one day. I have always been very athletic and active physically. I LOVE to play tennis, run, hike, swim, play volleyball, jump on my trampoline with my kids and do anything else that requires a physical challenge. I'm trying to teach myself the piano and the guitar. I love music from the 40's like the Rat-Pack and most types of Jazz. I LOVE Michael Buble since he sings a lot of their songs, and I love the uplifting messages from most country songs. My oldest is ten now and all five of my kids are in public school this year,.....my FIRST! Yeah. Fifth grader, third grader, second grader and my twins are in Kindergarten.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised LDS by parents who knew the truth of the gospel but struggled mightily to follow it's teachings. I have spend years trying to forgive them for those mistakes that involved severe abuse of me and my siblings, and to use the Atonement to do that. Despite their weaknesses, I had a very strong gift given to me from God to know what was right and wrong at a very young age so I could discern from their examples what I should take with me and what I should leave behind. I always, always knew that the church was true, completely. Not everyone knows so surely at such a young age, but again this was a glorious gift given to me from my Heavenly Father who I know with all my soul loves me, and whom I am eternally indebted to. He has healed me when I was broken, loved me so completely that I have been able to overcome the trials in my life that surely would have taken me down on my own. His grace is what I feel everyday in my life. Showing me that I am enough. I am his daughter. I can give him all my sins and frailties and he will take them upon himself. If I learn to love others as he loves me I can have charity which is one of the greatest gifts we can have of our Fathers. If I have charity, I will be a better mother, a better wife, a better sister, and friend. It doesn't matter that I make mistakes everyday. It only matters that I repent and AlWAYS keep trying with all my might. I am trying to BECOME like Christ, not just get back to Him. To think like him, to act like he would, to FEEL as he does. I believe that if that is your biggest motivation in this life that all other weaknesses will rise with you. I am a Mormon because I want my children and husband to be with me forever and ever in the next phase of this existence. I want to be surrounded by those that love me and those that I love, and to serve them. That is my idea of heaven. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I am trying to be like Jesus by being obedient to what I've been asked to do. I go to church each week with my kids and mostly with my husband, but more than a few times without. He travels for work a lot and unfortunately sometimes he's gone in other countries on Sunday. I have to be stubbornly committed to going with them no matter what, or I find it is way too hard to make it as important of a priority the next time he's gone and the kids are making me want to pull all of my hair out AND theirs too! I serve currently as the Primary teacher of my ten year old daughter's class and love those girls. They are the upcoming young women of this church and they are so good. I love getting opportunities to develop personal relationships with each one of them, to be able to learn not only about them but from them. I volunteer at my children's school when I can and just try my best to keep on top of opportunities to serve in those capacities. I am also a visiting teacher to three marvelous young mom's like me. I love that some are already friends of mine, and others are new to me and I get to be among the first to welcome her into our ward, (a planned grouping of geographically close LDS members). It's amazing how service works. You think you are there to help someone else, but in fact you are the one taking blessings away from your encounters. I try to help my neighbors whenever and however I can when opportunities come to me. I try to remember everyday that there are those who know I'm Mormon and they're watching. I've grown and changed so very much in my thirties now from not only the service to my children, but to those good people that are around me in my every day life. I am so blessed to know of the gospel of Jesus Christ and just want for all to hear of it's glad tidings of great joy. These teachings WILL bring you great joy. Though the things that will be asked of you are simple, they are far from easy....and joy will be your reward.