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Hi I'm Ward Dey

My ancestors were Mormon pioneers. I live in the Texas hill country. I bow hunt. I ride dirt bikes. I love football. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I work in a corporate capacity as the Global Pricing Manager for a software firm. My role is to help my company maintain and grow our profitability. When I do my job well, my company can create more jobs. I've been married to my sweetheart for 23 years. We met in college when she was dating one of my friends. It took us quite a while to have kids, but we were finally blessed with two of the best you could ever want. Our circumstances allowed her the choice to be a stay at home mom for their elementary school years. What a blessing it has been to raise them ourselves. When I look for peace with a bit of excitement mixed in, I head to the woods to bow hunt. It's amazing to experience the wonders of nature that our Heavenly Father created when I can slow down, blend in and become part of it. When I crave a full-on adrenaline rush, I grab my teenage son and daughter, we jump on our dirt bikes, ride fast and jump far. For cultural opportunities, my family loves to host exchange students during the school year. They become part of our family. We have welcomed students from Ukraine, Lebanon, Russia and Japan. We take them to have great American cultural experiences with cowboys, cattle, historical monuments such as the Alamo, state and national parks and absolutely with Texas high school football! We learn about their countries and culture and keep in touch with them long after they leave our home.

Why I am a Mormon

As mentioned before, my ancestors were Mormon pioneers that walked, rode wagons and pulled handcarts across America to settle the barren deserts of the American west. They were tough, hardy folk who endured overwhelming hardships to live their religion in peace. We've done so ever since. It was just "how we lived" as I was growing up. However, there comes a time in each person's life, including mine, when I had to know for myself. I watched the lives of many people around me to determine whether their beliefs and choices led to the same results I was seeking. It was easy to see that choices involving alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs and immorality resulted in sorrow. Others that were living clean lives seemed so much happier. When it comes to Mormonism, there are thousands of different facets, but, for me, it all came down to whether the Book of Mormon was truly what it is claimed to be. If it really is a record of civilizations on the American continent, of their prophets and of a visit from Jesus Christ after his death on the cross in Jerusalem, then Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God and the church that he founded under the direction of Jesus Christ is the true and living church of God on the earth. It means that there are a living prophet and apostles on the earth today. It means that the standards I have been taught in the church are true. The challenge given in the final chapter of the Book of Mormon, Moroni chapter 10, verses 3-5 to ask God with a sincere heart if these things are true gave me a way to find out the truth from the ultimate authority, God himself. I decided to ask. I face the same temptations and challenges as anyone else whether they are Mormon or not. The difference is that I have been given a clear set of standards to use when faced with a choice. It is easy for me to determine which choice will ultimately lead to peace and happiness and which will not. I choose to be happy.

How I live my faith

I'm a regular guy. I go to work every Monday-Friday. I work hard to improve the interests of my employer. I pay my bills. I am honest in all of my dealings. I teach my kids to be positive, contributing members of society. I obey the law. All pretty mundane, but good things. I serve in my community. I host local airmen trainees in my home each Thanksgiving. I take my family to wrap presents for our local charity during the Christmas holidays. I video tape and edit the local middle schools' theatrical productions for the teacher. I watch out for the safety of my neighbors. In the church I serve as an assistant secretary to the bishop (pastor). I help schedule his appointments and keep things running smoothly so he can better provide service to the members of our congregation. I also serve on the committee for our Boy Scout troop. I serve with my teenage son as a Home Teacher, which gives us the responsibility to visit two families each month, share a spiritual message with them, perhaps play some games and take them some treats and most importantly to check regularly on how they are doing both spiritually and temporally. It's a great program that ensures everyone feels welcome, loved and part of the church family. It also ensures that we can help meet each others needs. No one in this church should feel alone or unsupported. In the past I have been the president of our organization for young men between the ages of 12-19 for two different congregations. I have served in the cub scouts and as a counselor to the president of our men's organization, all as an unpaid volunteer. I also am happy to pay 10% of my income as tithing to support the mission of the church. It pays for buildings, supports missionaries, helps cover costs of universities that improve the futures of students that attend there and builds the beautiful temples like the one sitting at the top of a hill overlooking San Antonio. I am happy to be a Mormon. Feel free to ask me about it sometime.