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Hi I'm Jamon

I'm a Cross Country runner and a writer. I've lived in my hometown for all of my life. I love my family, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was a young child, younger than I remember in fact, I began reading numerous books, all of increasing size and content. As I read these different stories, I gained a passion for them. I started thinking to myself, "I would really like to make one of these. I want to write a book." Ever since I was quite small I've had a desire to tell stories, to write them for the world or to tell them to my friends in common conversation. I consider myself a writer at heart, although my total publications (zero) would suggest otherwise... I can't say my family is important to me, because important seems too small of a word to describe it. I love those of my family. I'm the youngest of three children, an older brother who finds satisfaction in wrestling me to the ground and an older sister who, although without competition, certainly fulfills her role as my parents' favorite daughter. The support and love from my parents throughout my life has been remarkable. Not only their attendance to countless music performances, soccer matches, and those painfully long chess tournaments, but also their diligence in teaching correct principles in my family's home, by word and example. My extended family has taught very similar principles, showing wonderful love (often in the form of delicious food from my aunts and grandmothers) and humble kindness (often in the form of an energetic young cousin). My family is community of my best and oldest friends, as well as my greatest teachers.

Why I am a Mormon

I've spent about 16 years of my life in the Church...I am currently 16 years old. Having been born to goodly parents that were married in the temple, the Church has always been very familiar to me. I participated actively in Primary-Sunday School-when I was just a little kid. In fact, I'm afraid some of my teachers would say I was a little too active. I was baptized at age 8 and continued to attend church meetings. But I didn't really begin to question or investigate the truth of the gospel until I was 14 years old and began attending seminary, a youth education class in the church. I began to wonder, looking for solid confirmation of the truth. We studied The Book of Mormon throughout the school year in seminary, learning of the teachings inside and ways in which we could apply 'truths' to our lives. But how could I know if they were 'truths'? I mean, sure, this is what I had known all of my life, but was it true? Really, deeply, actually true? There were never prominent doubts that made me question or turn against the Church, but I was curious. I began to apply those truths...and something changed. Actually, many things changed, but very gradually. The change was slow, but the difference in my demeanor between the first of school year and the end was obvious. The daily joy that comes from obedience to God's commandments, especially those of service, had built up throughout the year. I had felt a growing peace, given from the increased presence of the Holy Ghost in my life. I never received a divine revelation, nothing similar to Saul's experience on the road to Damascus or Joseph Smith's experience in the Sacred Grove, but "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" (See Alma, Chapter 37 Verse 6). I'm grateful for the small teachings that have helped me do simple things that bring the joy of the gospel into my life. I know this is by the work of the Lord, Jesus Christ, whose Church this is.

How I live my faith

As a child of God, I try to give service to my fellow children on this Earth. The Lord has commanded us to love our neighbor and that is what I try to do, in all that I do and say each day especially. I strive to be a positive, kind person, living and speaking with a "law of kindness" towards everyone I know. I know that service is in important. For the past couple of years, my high school has been engaged in an annual week of service that raises money to contribute to a sister school in Africa. While I've attended my high school, I've tried to be as involved as possible in this service effort as I can be, contributing to the well being of those of my brothers and sisters across the world. I'm working now to prepare to travel there next year to enrich their lives and help them feel, through service, the love of the Savior. I also serve as a home teacher in my local Church ward, a companion to my father. We visit specific families in our ward, sharing a message with them and offering support when they are in need. My father, who holds the Melchizedek Priesthood, has been able to bless them and their homes. I strive to live the Gospel everyday by the being the best i can be. I try to find ways to love those around me, even if that means simply holding a door open or saying, "Hey John, those are some mighty fine shoes, where did you get them?" I know it is important to serve others, whether or not it means we must sacrifice something of our own. Love is what the Lord always taught, sometimes using words to teach it. I always strive to follow His example and do the same.