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Hi I'm Purity

I'm a full time CPA, wife, and mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a low-income, single parent home, without the benefit of a dad in my life. I moved out of my home when I was 16 and was married when I was 17 and within a few years my three younger siblings were removed from my mother's home by the state since my mother could not properly care for them. I was blessed to be married to a wonderful man who had grown up in the Mormon Church, and although he was not attending church anymore when I met and married him, his upbringing provided us with the strength and foundation to adopt my youngest sister and provide a good home for her. Our life was difficult and filled with challenges, which caused unhappiness and friction in our home before we found our way back to the strength and support of the Church. We returned to the Church after 11 years of marriage, when we found that obtaining material things in our life was not bringing us happiness as we had hoped. We knew then that something was missing and the something that we found was our Heavenly Father's love, guidance, and comfort as we learned more about the Gospel and began to live our lives in accordance with His words. Now we are adding to our family and we find more happiness with each passing year as our family grows closer together and our home is filled with more peace and harmony as we continue to learn and improve.

Why I am a Mormon

The world felt like a depressing and scary place to live in and raise a child in before we returned to Church. It was so difficult to keep happiness and peace in our home. We had a hard time finding people that would set a good example for our daughter to look up to. We were growing farther apart as a family instead of closer together. We decided that the best place to find people with good values would be at a church. When I was growing up, my family had attended several churches. We had attended the Mormon church for a short period of time, but had not stayed with it. I felt that the church that had felt the most right of all the ones I had attended was the Mormon church, but I didn't agree with the Church's view of women. I felt that women were viewed as inferior to men. My husband strongly objected to this sentiment and I had to agree that he and his family had never made me feel inferior, but had always made me feel special as a woman. We agreed we should find out more about the Church's actual teachings about the role and status of women. It had been years since we had seen anyone that we knew were Mormon, except for my husband's family who lived in a different state. We did not tell anyone we had decided to learn more about the Church and we did not do anything to follow up on this decision, but I prayed that we would know if we had made the right choice and within a couple of weeks the missionaries unexpectedly showed up at our door. Beginning with that first "coincidence", we were guided by our Heavenly Father, as I have now come to realize, back to His Church. I discovered for myself how much our Heavenly Father loves his daughters and how his Church is structured only to build us up. My earlier misconceptions of the Church's view of women had occurred because some members had not totally understood the Church's teachings and I had not further investigated and come to understand them myself.

How I live my faith

Since returning to church activity, we have tried to live our lives to make the most of our time on this earth. We try to follow the counsel to keep Sundays holy, pray and study the Bible and Book of Mormon daily, exhibit love and charity to all people, pay our tithing, and share our testimony with those around us. Our family has been sealed for all eternity in the Holy Temple and I know now that I will never lose my wonderful husband or my beautiful daughters if I continue to live faithfully. I know we are not perfect, but we do our best and we work together as a family to strengthen each other and remember Christ our Savior and his atonement for our sins so we can continue to improve. My husband and I try to attend the Temple every month and it strengthens us in our faith and resolve. Our home is now a place that we all want to be and we like to spend our time together more often now than ever before.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

The position of the Church on the equality of women and men is a topic that is near and dear to my heart since it was a question that kept me from going to church and enjoying the blessings that Heavenly Father had for me and my family for far too long. The church teaches that men and women are equally important in our Heavenly Father's eyes and that both have very important roles in the home, family, and church. There is no denying that women and men are different in many ways, from physical aspects, to emotional aspects, and to primary roles and responsibilities at home and church. The primary difference between men and women is that men bear the burden of holding the preisthood, while women bear children. However, men and women are taught to work together as equal partners, not shirking any responsibilities or burdens that can be shared. In the families that live these Gospel priniciples, the husband and wife are loving, considerate, and respectful of each other and work as a team in all matters that affect the family, from finances, to child rearing, to house cleaning. It is a beautiful thing to see and even more wonderful to be a part of a family like this. I am honored to be a Mormon woman with a husband that I know loves and respects me and values my abilities and strengths and that I can trust to fill in the abilities and strengths that I cannot provide for myself. Show more Show less