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Hi I'm Jessie

I was homeschooled, love singing, cannot sing, have three brothers, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

My name is Jessie, learning is one of my passions. I don't believe you need to be "good" at something to have it be your passion. In fact, I think sometimes having one of your weaknesses be a passion is a HUGE blessing! Because that's when we can see ourselves grow and become who we want to be, by happily working on what we love--even if we aren't naturally talented in that area haha. And then the world is just so much more beautiful when everyone does what they love. Family, I have three brothers! Maybe that's a lot, maybe it's not. But I love each of them (and no, no I am not spoiled because I am the only girl). :) My older brother lived in Japan for two years and is studying Bio-Medical Engineering at BYU, one of my little brothers just graduated high school with his Associates Degree and is about to leave for France for two years, and my littlest brother has Asbergers and is incredible (can recite many movies, including the emperor's new grove, word for word from beginning to end). I also speak Spanish and love music! I cannot sing, but love to do so. :) I play the guitar way too much when I have the time, write a little tiny bit on the piano, love the ukulele, and love to jam with my friends (or listen to them jam.) And I love hiking.

Why I am a Mormon

Why I am a member of this church... I have been a member ever since I was born. And I could not be more thankful for any other thing that there is. I can not even express it. It fills my life with pure joy. Whenever I feel lonely, or cry, or when I am sad, I know I can pray to my Heavenly Father and he will stand by me, hold me up, and walk by me whenever I ask him to. (Which is very often.) Jesus is my best friend. And I wouldn't truly know their love if it weren't for the Book of Mormon. Yes, the Bible is true, yes, but so is the Book of Mormon! And it's just so... pure. I Know. With my whole being that this is the true Church. Oh my goodness, it's true. I personally have asked Heavenly Father, and know. I didn't always know, but I do now. And I still wouldn't know if I hadn't read the Book of Mormon and asked if it was absolutely true. And it is. But ha, you do not have to take my word for it, that's the pure beauty of it. Ask, and know. (: This church is real. And I love it.

How I live my faith

I am the president of my church class, and try to help as much as I can, even though I feel like I do nothing.... /: I try to share my love to the other girls in my class because I love them, and I know Heavenly Father loves every one of us more then we can ever come close to realizing. You know, I wish I could just teleport my testimony of Heavenly Fathers love into other people's brains so everyone can simply know of His love as I do.. Bah, it's hard. But just so you know (Heavenly Father loves you.) Just saying. haha anyways, I love being involved in church. As I said before, it literally saved me. It's hard being home schooled. I also love to volunteer at the Special Olympics every year I can. It 'tis the best. day. of. the. year(: (: It's nice to be an example, and get others to help too(: Those sweet spirits touch me every year(: Heavenly Fathers chosen(:

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Absolutely not! Of course we help people who are not members of our church! Just because we're Mormons(or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints) this does NOT mean we're better than anyone else. God loves all His children equally. So! We help all His children equally(or.. We try to… People are not perfect). But in our religion we focus on following Jesus Christ, (that's one reason we focus on missionary work--because we believe we have The Restoration of Jesus Christ's church on the earth, and we want to share how much The Savior loves everyone! And we want to share His love!) and what did The Savior do on the earth? Serve! or 'help' :) so that is what we as individuals, congregations, and the church as a whole, strive to do. Help everybody! :) I cannot wait till I can serve more fully, I try everyday to be better (I am awful at helping everyone at this point) but I know if I try everyday, one day (maybe when I'm a little old woman) I will be able to serve almost as selflessly as my Savior and elder brother Jesus Christ. At least it's something to strive for. :) Show more Show less