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Hi I'm Oliver

I'm a father of three boys, a middle school teacher and a world traveler. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a divorced father of three wonderful young boys who mean the world to me. I am much better at making a yard look good than a house look good. In the past five years I have earned two graduate degrees. Hiking is one of my favorite activities along with camping, traveling, going on long drives and anything that involves being outside and seeing the world at its many natural and man made sights. To be really frank, there are many things that interest me and I find it difficult to fully concentrate on any one or two of them. So I try to focus on what is important to me, which mostly comes down to my family, friends, going to the temple. I have also gotten into triathlons as well. During the holiday season I enjoy working on a Christmas tree farm. I like to finish the work day off with music or public radio.I will listen to rock, classic, country or R&B but I dont like to feel out of the loop as far as world events go. I feel all over the place in this category. I guess that is sort of me. I have many interests and passions and feel like every time I try something new, that too goes on the list. Like going river rafting with the Boy Scout High Adventure group one summer. Rafting adds a whole new dimension to travel and outdoors. I love Hawaii, Norway, languages. I just feel so blessed that we have a God that knows all of us so well as to give us so many things we can be passionate about. Like growing raspberries and making pumpkin pies. My two favorite hobbies.

Why I am a Mormon

I have always wanted to be a good example for my kids, even before I became an adult. I guess after I graduated college, there were just things in my life that I did not think were in line with what I would want my own children to do and I know from experience that children are more likely to do what their parents do, that what their parents say. By the time I had my first son, I had thought long and hard about who I wanted to be so that I could set a positive example for any children I might have. This began with focusing my attention to others and showing that I care about them. When sister missionaries came to visit my home, it was extremely difficult to not allow them to join us for dinner. After a few months and quite a few dinners, I was asked by one of the sisters to be baptized. By that time my faith, as I had seen it, had grown quite a bit and I did know that the Book of Mormon was true. That was 2006. These few years later I have added three boys to my family and seen trials I never thought I would see. Callings, sorrow, and just every day life have impacted me so much and helped me grow in ways I could never have dreamed of. With every opportunity to serve the Lord, so too have come great blessings of extra time to spend with family, accomplish goals and strengthen the lives of others. I ask myself, "Where would i be without the church of Jesus Christ?" As I look back at how I have tried to help others, I mostly conjure up thoughts of how Jesus has helped me through the church. Through the most difficult to struggles I have had friends lift me up. Through the most daunting challenges, my best friends have been built. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord has put people in my life that could help me at just the time I need it. And me at just the time when He needed me someplace. The gospel of Jesus, the Christ has helped me to be happy because there can be good in every one of life's challenges. It is up to us to find that good.

How I live my faith

At church I teach adults. In the third hour of church the men get together to learn and discuss concepts of the gospel and how to live happier, more Chirst-like lives. Often I teach men like me, those who are fathers or those who have just returned from or about to leave on a mission. This has helped me to be an even better classroom teacher as I have been able to refine my practices and feel more comfortable in front of my professional peers. I have given a few talks in front of the congregation. At first this was a very concerning matter for me as I have never enjoyed talking in front of any adult group. However, even during the few talks I have given, I have learned to enjoy such opportunities and even as the chance to refine my ability to speak in public with confidence. I would say that one of the single greatest exercises I have had in building faith has been through home teaching. Though these are assignments, I have truly learned to love the families I have visited on a monthly basis and to whom I have, along with my companion, brought a gospel centered message. I have learned that I am more than just a role model to my own children, but to children and adults throughout my community. People whom I may have never met if not for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I would like to end with my very first calling. I was called to the bishop's office and offered the calling of 11 year old scout leader. I did accept the calling and rode my bike quickly home to discuss with my then wife. She said, "You should be happy." I was saddened at her lack of pit and asked, "Why?" Her reply was, "Because you have the thickest manual in the church." What she said made sense. Later I would learn lessons about my talents and strengths in planning, in working with youth, with teaching, creativity. My scout companion was a man old enough to be my grandfather, a man who my children would come to love and who loves my children as he would his own grand kids.

What are Mormon Temples used for?

I love the temples. For me, I have found peace and harmony while giving my time to help those who lived before me. I am humbled at the opportunities I have had to work in the temple and to give service to people to whom I am related but never had the opportunity as adults to hear of Jesus Christ and the wonderful way he lived and helped others during his time on the earth and since he suffered up on the cross. Show more Show less