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Hi I'm Danny

From Eagle River, Alaska. If I'm anything, I'm an imaginative dreamer that never gives up, And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Well to begin with... I grew up in Alaska, yet I'm not some wild man like you may assume... If my story begins anywhere it begins with my parents. My father is a hippie, a laid back musician, and an extremely potent user of the vast vocabulary contained within the english language. My mother is a Radiologist, and the worker in my family, stern and powerful. So I grew up with parenthood role reversals in the home. I couldn't tell you the exact effect this had on my growth, but My parents both had profound impacts on me. As I grew up my family life was often strange, but I was exposed to a lot of travel and culture. My father bred into me a deep love and compassion for all things, and an increased enthusiasm for all manner of the arts, especially the art of writing, and even reading. Immediatly I was immersed in a world of fantasy and adventure. My mind has always been entirely infatuated with stories of wonder and glory, valor and courage, honor and wit. So since then I have found myself to be an avid swordsman, a snowboarder, a musician, an artist, a writer, an anime/manga/japan fan, A world traveler, A fantasy gamer, a dancer, a goofball, a reader, a ridiculous romantic with hopes beyond human capability, and finally and perhaps most importantly a Dreamer. More than anything else. I am a dreamer I am also currently serving a mission, The Iowa, Des moines mission. Currently I am serving in the Muscatine Area. So yes, go figure, I am a mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

Well... I'll be honest. I was born a mormon, but that doesn't mean I haven't considered leaving the church at one point. That however is no longer a question in my mind in the slightest. So, I grew up in the church. In highschool however I began to question not only the christian religion, but the nature of god and this world itself. I had a thirst for knowledge that could not easily be sated. I developed the need to discover for myself what is the truth behind the world as we know it? How it all came about? Why society is inept and corrupt as it is now? and why couldnt these abominations of moral value be prevented, and if they could be prevented from occuring why hadn't they been? Sadly I went about my search in entirely the wrong way, delving into endless tomes of research and divulgences. I came to understand much about the historical christ, the de-evolution of christianity, and the disseminations of truths. I also came to understand the nature of cause and effect, and thanks simply to school and many other free sources of information today I gained a knowledge of nature. But I still knew... nothing. One day I found myself going about my standard routines as a young church member and got up to bear my testimony so as to show my devotion to god and so on... and I said something that impacted me incredibly without thinking... Because the spirit was upon me... it was even bursting forth from me. I as I bore my testimony realized something. When I prayed to god (Which I did constantly, and in the face of each turmoil in my life, desperately) I sometimes would get angry at him... I would yell to him that he did not exist... that he couldn't... But then it hit me. He was listening to that. I felt it... I knew it. Since then I have found more joy in this religion than can be found from any other source. Happiness not fading or ephemeral, but permanent. And also held within this religion's teachings is the path to True Love. And the only source of Eternity.

How I live my faith

Currently I am a missionary for the church serving in Iowa, Des moines. Muscatine area. This is how I live my faith. Each day I go out into the world after studying on my own to bring truth and knowledge to gods children that so desperately need it. I currently give my life for this cause, and have given it as I have left behind much. I live my faith by doing my best to learn and grow as the son of god that I am. I know not what else to say on the subject... There does not need be anymore said, but I will say one further thing. I live it by attempting always to improve, for more than anything else he wishes for us, he wishes for us to grow and triumph. That growth is his and our entire purpose in accordance with his plans. I know not what I'm to become, but I live my faith by continuing to become greater.

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

The stance is actually a lot simpler than most try to make it out to be. The stance is that they are simply subject to the law of chastity. That law, or commandment, involves all members of the church, regardless of sexual orientation or any other defining characteristic, and simply states that all sexual relations must be kept within the bonds of marriage. It is then very simple to see that there is no unfairness to those of same-sex orientation, the only unfairness that could ever be discussed is in the fact that same sex marriage is prohibited. That law of marriage though was never in the hands of men. Marriage was, and is, a bond set up by our heavenly father alone, and he determined it to be between a man and a woman. And in that very same vein the family was also ordained and created by god as a way to bring his children onto the earth for teaching and raising. So like any other member of the church, the church asks us simply to be chaste, and to keep all sexual relations withing the bonds of marriage. Homosexual activity is just as grevious as male to female sexual sins. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

I wanted to answer this questiong because I have always had a deep fascination with, and love for the bible. We believe in the bible because it IS the word of god, only it has been manipulated over than many years and eons of it's growth. We believe the bible, because we believe in christ, and the prophets of old... And more importantly in my mind we believe it because within the bible is contained the fulness of the gospel, and the full doctrines of God's church as it was foundationally from the beginning with Adam. The teachings concerning the kingdom of heaven and how it is to be run are phenomenally intruiging, not to mention they are also captivating when examining them in context of standard scholastic history. The bible contains the rules and ways of the church that Christ himself put upon the earth. The book of mormon then bears second witness to the bible and confirms all of its truth. So I believe that the bible is the reason that even the book of mormon is important, for without it the book of mormon alone would fall short in describing much of god's dealings with us, his children. Show more Show less