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Hi I'm Olivier

I'm a French-American, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in France and grew up in both the Alps and Nevada. We moved to this country for economic reasons. Now I’m as American as raspberry pie. Now I’m a finance professor. Life is crazy and wonderful and I don’t want to miss a minute. I spend time with my family, carving wood, playing the guitar, gardening, and learning as many things as I can. I love life, and I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

While in college I was fascinated by medicine, the human body and our body’s ability to heal itself. When I thought of the marvel that is humanity, the odds of being created by random chance just got more and more ridiculous, but I didn’t want to know about God. I wasn’t ready. One day, I met a classmate in dance class named Cassandra. She felt a need to ask me if I wanted to talk to the missionaries about God. I; of course said no. I was a college student, taking 18 credits with a job. I had no time for God. That night though, all of the memories of my questions came back. The blocks I had placed between myself and God melted away. I had to know, so for the first time in my life, I prayed. There is a God. At 2AM, I called my friend Paul who had unsuccessfully tried to talk to me for 5 years about God to come over. I asked him about the difference between the churches. I questioned, and probed him for answers, but I relied on the spirit to tell me what was true, and what was false. The next day, I knew she would ask me again. Despite her trepidation, she did, and I happily accepted. I knew that what the missionaries was telling me was true. God is our Heavenly Father. He loves every one of us, and wants us to be happy. He created this earth and gave us bodies as part of his plan to help us grow. Christ came to earth to help us overcome our mistakes, and as a guide to help us get back. Everyone will be resurrected. The difference between heaven and hell is how, and with whom we get to spend eternity. These things are true. I know it because I asked Him, and he answered my prayers.

How I live my faith

I love my wife and daughter. I serve them, not only because I love them, but because doing so helps my love grow. We try to read scriptures and pray together daily to keep us close to God and to each other. How can we life together forever if we don’t practice by spending time and staying close now. It’s by spending time together that we keep from growing apart. I attend my church services, and like most members, I help out. In my case, I was the finance clerk for 5 years, which means I keep track of donations made to the church. We call them tithing and fast offerings. Under the direction of the bishop, I also write checks to run the church, and help those in need. I also teach a class, about once a month. I am happy to help because I know that doing so helps me soften my heart and remember that we need each other, and we need God to get through life. Needing help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of humility and a realization that unless you want to be a self taught, cave dwelling hermit we need other people. I also need Christ because I cannot fix the sins I have done, but Christ can atone for them,and make me clean.