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Hi I'm Kalle

I'm a grad student studying public administration. I play hockey. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I’m currently working on my Master of Public Administration degree. I would love to work in city management to make my community a better place. My more nerdy interests include anime, Star Wars, and reading historical biographies, but I also love sports. During the fall and winter, I play in a regional adult ice hockey league, where I was the second leading scorer on my team this past season. I watch a lot of sports, too, including pro and college football, tennis, international soccer, baseball, and of course, hockey. So I think I'm stay fairly well rounded. My wife and I have been married over two years now and have one daughter, who’s not quite crawling yet, but loves to roll all over the floor.

Why I am a Mormon

My membership in this church begins with my dad, who joined by himself when I was 3. Mom decided the church wasn’t for her, so dad took me and eventually my sister to church with him by himself. As a young child, I did not have the appreciation for church that I do now, but I knew that attending Sunday services was a good thing to do—a token payment to God that I hoped I would get rewarded for. When I was 11, I finally took lessons from the missionaries myself. During one visit, the missionaries invited me to pray about baptism. I still remember kneeling by my bed that night, asking God if I should be baptized; a voice and a feeling answered back, “Yes.” My Church membership has brought me happiness, confidence, health, and optimism. I am thankful to be a Latter-day Saint. Since becoming a member of this church, I’ve seen and experienced many miracles in my life, many that might be hard for others to believe possible. One of these miracles was my dad baptizing my mom the first Mother’s day after I returned from serving a mission. Scholarships, job opportunities, and most importantly, a baby girl, have also come as a result of exercises of faith. To conclude, I’ve always known there was a God, but as a young boy I perceived him as this abstract being who was always watching to see if I did wrong, and if I was a bad little boy, I was going to hell. But as I have grown to learn the doctrine of this church, I know that God is a real person—our Father, who loves His children like any parent would. He wants to be intimately involved in our lives, and if we let Him, He will work wonderful miracles.

How I live my faith

I currently have two assignments in my local ward. First, I am the Young Men’s President, meaning that I guide the spiritual development of young men ages 12-18. I teach lessons on various spiritual topics on Sundays and give them the opportunity to teach each other. I also help them plan and organize social activities. My second calling is as a scoutmaster of the local Boy Scout troop. The scouting program gives the boys training in leadership, life skills, and developing personal character that complements the spiritual things they learn on Sundays. I must say that working with the youth has been the most fun assignments I have ever had. I think I have the reputation for being someone who can be fun and responsible at the same time. Because I’m a little shorter and not much older than the boys themselves, other older adult leaders sometimes mistake me for one of them. I don’t mind, though--it definitely beats getting old.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Even when I was very young, I knew that God was watching me. Somehow I could feel his presence. I suppose for a long time, I took His existence for granted. Some people like to point to tangible things like the sun, moon, or the beauty of nature. Nerds like me like to rely on the scientific method. Following the advice of Alma, a prophet in the Book of Mormon, I have "experimented" with the commandments of God. Each time I chose to live by another one of Christ's teachings, I watched and waited for the blessings to come. The more I aligned my life with what God wanted it to be, the more the blessings flowed. The first couple of times you experience a miracle, it can be easy to dismiss it as coincidence. But when you keep following the commandments, and the miracles keep coming, it is hard to deny that there is a link there. All these things tell me there is a God. Show more Show less