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Hi I'm Olivia

I'm a patron of the arts and quite the artis myself. Above all I'm a writer and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently a sophmore in Highschool. I am extremely dramatic, being in theatre as I am, and I am extremely energetic, even when I'm tired. Even when I wake up at five in the morning to be ready to go to my early morning scripture study class. I love to sing, and I am wonderful at allusion. Not illusion. Dillusion maybe- no, deffinitely! You can always find me bursting into song or monologing off of something that someone has said to me. I love art and am most certainly an artist. I love to sketch and draw, but above all I am a Writer (capitol W). I have too many stories to count and characters so vast and contraversal that they could be real people. I have three brothers and two sisters, as well as some wonderful sisters and brothers in law. I have an adorable nephew who I love dearly despite my limited knowledge and tolerance for infants and children. I love to read and practically never go anywhere without a book. I am very passionate about the things that I love and the gospel is one of them.

Why I am a Mormon

I have come to understand the atonement of Jesus Christ. I am a daughter of God and that is the most important thing that I know. It helps me remember who I am when everything and everyone else around me tells me something otherwise. My relationships with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the most important to me. So long as I remember my divinity and that they love me, I feel okay about everything. Repentance is not a bad thing. It is a wonderful way to wash away our inadequacies and to heal all of our grief. Heavenly father doesn’t want me to feel bad about anything. He wants me to be able to come to him no matter what I’ve done and make it right. I am worth every drop of blood that Christ shed for me, and everything that he suffered through for me. Knowing this makes me want to be a good person. It makes me want to be happy because I don’t want my savior to suffer for me anymore than he has to. I am not perfect. I am not adequate. But he has atoned for me so that I can be. I want to live my life as he has lived his because I know of his love for me, and because I love him back. I love him with all of my heart and I want to return to him someday. I want to share this love and this wonderful truth with everyone because they deserve to know and feel loved. Everyone should feel good about themselves and who they are. This is who I am. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

As above mentioned, I awaken each new day to the bitter cold outside of my warm blankets at five in the morning. I do this out of my own free will because I want to be able to make it seminary, which is a class where I can go to be with other students who share my standards and to study the bible and other scripture. I attend church with my family each sunday and gather with other girls my age each wednesday. I pray to my Heavenly Father daily so that I can feel his love and remember who I am so that I will be prepared to hold true to my standards in a world where so few do the same. Family prayer and scripture study are essential to my home life as we strive to keep the lord in our minds and hearts. We pray at meals and every morning before the busy bustle of life can pull us in and away from one another. But we always come back together at night and pray for our continued safety, but more importantly to thank God for all that he has done for us. Through faithful prayer, scripture study, and church attendance, I am able to keep my life in perspective and stay true to the high standards that I hold.