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Hi I'm M. Scott Rabideau

I'm a Mormon who converted to the Church. I have a wonderful wife and six children. I grew up in North Carolina.

About Me

I am in my 40s and with six kids, all still at home, my wife and I are extremely busy. You won't catch us at home much during the week or on Saturdays even. We love being with our family together and enjoying our many varied activities. High School football, track and volleyball keep us busy as well as little league baseball and our daughters riding horses for a local drill team. Needless to say life can be crazy. My wife and I always find time each week for just us, despite our kids' objections once in a while. 'We were here together before you,' I joke with them. I enjoy playing golf and just about any other sporting activity. Lately, a couple of friends and I have been sighting in our rifles for the upcoming deer / elk season. We hope to fill our freezers for the upcoming year. I've been a couple of times in the past and haven't even seen an elk. My wife says that I don't go hunting, but that I go for armed walks through the woods. Maybe this year I can change all that. My southern roots come out each spring when NASCAR hits the tracks. I grew up watching short track racing in N. Carolina and have always been a huge fan. I have a few favorites, but am loyal to Little 'E.' His dad was my favorite driver until he passed away ten years ago. My loyalties also still lie with the Atlanta Braves and the Miami Dolphins and the Auburn Tigers football team.

Why I am a Mormon

For me becoming a Mormon was about wanting to believe that God is alive and wants to communicate to each of us individually and also to all of his children collectively. My family had the missionaries from the church come and share the message of the LDS gospel with us. We accepted their invitation to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, a collection of the accounts of God's children who didn't live in Jerusalem, but in these the American Continents, I found that each page professes the love and life of Jesus Christ for all of us as God's children. As I prayed to God to let me know if this book was actually real. I felt a wonderful burning in my heart, a confirmation from the Holy Ghost, that it is real and the teachings in it are real as well. Now believing that the Book of Mormon is true, made it easy to believe in the vision of Joseph Smith and his role in restoring Christ's gospel back to the earth. Christ organized his gospel on the earth with himself as the leader and 12 apostles to go out and teach his word. Just before his atonement, death and resurrection, Jesus took Peter, James and John to the Mount of Transfiguration and the authority of preaching the gospel were handed to them in order to carry on the work of sharing the gospel to Jew and Gentile. This they did until each was martyred and the Church could no longer function with the proper authority from God. Joseph Smith, an ordinary boy, received a vision from God the Father in an answer to his prayer of which church he should join. Through him the gospel was slowly restored. Once again with a prophet and apostles and proper authority from God. Many believe that as Mormons we worship Joseph Smith and don't use the Bible. I teach Sunday School and this year we are covering the New Testament. I bear you my testimony that we worship only God and Jesus Christ and that we use the Book of Mormon to accompany and supplement the Word of God. I invite you to read and pray for yourself.

How I live my faith

Being a Mormon is a seven day a week proposition. On any given week, you'll find me getting kids to early morning seminary to study the gospel each school day. They start at 6:00 a.m. The church is organized into Wards. A ward is comprised of a geographic region from which members of that area attend a congregation. Kind of like cities within a county. Each ward has a bishop who is given the responsibility to make sure that each member of the congregation is taken care of spiritually. One of the things that I do as a member is that I am asked to visit a few families of the congregation each month and make sure that their spiritual and physical needs are met. Maybe my sons and I mow the lawn of an elderly single lady. We always bring in a spiritual thought and have a prayer with them. One of the things that I have found as a dad who wants to raise responsible children is that involving them in acts of kindness and service for others has a unique way of helping the giver feel good about themselves and obviously the receiver is benefited as well. I am a Sunday School teacher to the adults of the ward that I am in. This year we are teaching the New Testament. I know that I probably benefit more than the congregation as I study, pray and prepare the lesson for the week. I love teaching about our Savior's life and mission on the earth. I have gained such a strong testimony of his love for each of us and his desire for us to return and live with Him and God for the eternities. Being a member of God's church has given me comfort and peace in a world of turmoil and constant bombardment on my life as well as the countless temptations that my children face in today's world. We read from the scriptures each day as a family and also have family prayer. We each take turns reading and praying. This single act has blessed our family with calmness that is unexplainable other than God will bless us for the good things that we do inside and outside our home.