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Hi I'm Bob Stratton

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I design and write computer software applications from start to finish. I work by myself and for myself. I may spend a year or two developing an application and never get paid a dime if I can't find a market for it. I write exclusively for the Microsoft Windows platform and I try to write software that everyone can use. I guess you could call me semi-retired but I have been working long hours on a new application for the past year. I golf often. I have shot a few rounds in the 70s and have been in the 30s for 9 holes a couple of times since my last birthday, but mostly I am in the 90s and sometimes worse that that. I spend time in the mountains of Washington State. At age 69 I still do long backpacking trips. I shun destinations that you can drive to. I enjoy scenery, fishing, hiking and just being there, but mostly I enjoy finding edible mushrooms. I bowl weekly with 2 of my 6 sons. 2-3 years ago I bowled my first ever 700+ 3-game series, but mostly I am in the 500s. I fish from the banks of some of Washington's salmon streams and I have brought home 22 salmon in the last 11 days. I am a handyman around the house and around cars. I went on a 2-year Mormon mission and was exactly half way through that 2 years and in Atlanta, GA on the day Kennedy was shot. I have been married 46 years to a woman, the former MarJean McKay, who is wonderful in every way. We have 8 children and 26 grandchildren and more are coming. They all worship my wife and tolerate me.

Why I am a Mormon

The church itself is a family. We believe literally that we all descended from Adam and Eve. We also believe that all of us are literally the spiritual offspring of of God. Both of those beliefs define us literally as brothers and sisters; physically because we belong to the family of Adam and spiritually because we belong to the family of God. I have a family of loving brothers and sisters there to greet and help and love me no matter where I am in the world. All of you are part of that family, but only the Mormons actually know it to be true and live by that knowledge. When we travel or when we move, we are always welcomed with open arms by people who express a deep and sincere desire and an enthusiastic hope that we are moving into their congregational area. Even your dog doesn't to that good a job of greeting you! We don't get that kind of reception anywhere else in the world and we always get it from Mormon congregations! We are truly God's family which is exactly what you should expect in the true church of God. I believe we came to be such a family because we don't just believe in our Heavenly Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost; we actually know them! We understand them like no one else. We are Gods children and His family. We love and understand the Bible like no one else. We don't have all of the answers, but we can answer most of your questions. We can do that because we are lead by a living prophet just as the children of Israel were led in the wilderness by Moses. Joseph Smith actually saw and talked with God face to face in the spring of 1820 just as Moses did almost 4000 years earlier and just as Paul did about 2000 years earlier. I have been offended by members of my own family and I have certainly offended them. The same happens at church. I would no sooner leave my church family over an offense that I would leave my own family. If I did, where would I go? What would I do? We are not perfect, but we have God's truth!

How I live my faith

My wife and I have lived and served in many congregations. Mormon congregations are called wards and are determined by geographic boundaries. Only a few Mormons choose to attend wards outside of those boundaries. Besides my 2-year mission from November of 1962 to November of 1964, which covered almost all of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, we have served congregations (moving backwards chronologically) in greater Seattle Washington, Rexburg and Emmett Idaho, Eugene and Springfield Oregon, Bloomfield Connecticut, Houston Texas, and Provo Utah. I have served many years in the youth organizations of the various congregations I have lived among, having filled virtually all of the positions in the young men's organizations. Besides the youth organizations, I have served in many congregational leadership positions and have taught classes of all ages. Since May of 2005, we have given 8 hours (including driving time) one day every week to serving in the Mormon temples in Seattle, Washington and Rexburg, Idaho. This is in addition to other congregational leadership, teaching, and service positions. We do not talk much, even among other Mormons, about the details of what goes on in the temples because they are so sacred. We believe that most truly sacred things are of the heart and soul and should be kept there to be shared only on rare and sacred occasions which mostly take place in the temples themselves. Suffice it to say that only God and His Son are more important to a true Mormon that his family and that sacred ordinances and covenants (promises between God and ourselves) take place in the temples which make our relationships within our families just as permanent and binding as our relationship with God and Jesus Christ. My life within the LDS (Mormon) Church and within my family is all that is truly important to me. I love my hobbies mentioned above. They bring me fleeting pleasure, but only my church and family taken together bring lasting joy.