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Hi I'm Kevin

Father of 4 young kids. I love guitars, the outdoors, my wife and am losing my hair.

About Me

I love music of all types as well as the great outdoors.

Why I am a Mormon

The restored gospel of Jesus Christ has provided answers, confirmed by the witness of the Holy Ghost into my heart and mind, that have given me understanding of how our Father in Heaven has made Salvation possible for all His children who have ever lived on the earth. This is important to me because it is easy to recognize that the vast majority of those who have lived on earth have not been fortunate enough to have the message of Christ brought to them. Since faith in Jesus Christ is necessary for salvation, then what does this mean for the vast sea of humanity that never even hears about his good news while they are alive? Would a just and merciful God punish His children for not accepting a message that has never been brought to them? That defies both justice AND mercy! The restored gospel is where I have found the answer to this most important question. Because of the truth that has been revealed anew in our day, I know that our Father in Heaven wants the message of salvation through Christ to be preached to all His children, not just those who hear about it while alive on earth. This truth shows me how important each one of us is to him. To make a long story short, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is where I find happiness!

How I live my faith

Gratitude in the heart for the gift of life each day gives perspective to what is important. I strive to repent of my sins and exercise faith in Jesus to do the work He has shown us to do. One of my joys in life is careful study of the scriptures the Lord has given through His servants the prophets. I try to to take time daily to read and listen to the Spirit whispering to me what the truth is, though I am far from perfect at it. Keeping notes of my study is something that has been extremely rewarding in developing a better relationship with my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus. I know that they reveals truth to us through the Spirit if we stop to listen and put forth the effort to align ourselves as much as we can with his pattern for living. Revelation from God about what the scriptures mean for us in our life become more potent as we record them and study them. New questions will come to mind, spurring further study and as we wait on our Friend, the answers come. I recommend keeping a journal of your studies and your own inspirations that are personally yours from your Creator.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Scientific pursuit itself has generated witness of God. The more we learn about biological life, the more order and precision we find, even at the most minute levels. As we continue to learn about biological complexity the case against the absurd notion that any of it could occur by chance only strengthens. Raw elements have never been observed anywhere behaving to create cellular structure without direct action upon them from something already alive, even accounting for forces such as gravity, orbit and electro-magnetic activity. Cells are propogated by already living cells, and it just gets bigger from there, but where and how did this all start? That is the foundation to observe through the physical world that there must be a Creator. Our own statistical method shows how unlikely a cellular creation fashioned by forces of chance would be. The atomic combinations of even a single cell are just too complex to get built by natural accident, rather than design or propogation. The world often tries to create a false dichotomy between Faith and Science. For me, science is merely the study of God's creations, and the witness it gives of a Creator is STRONG. I know God lives and Jesus is the Christ. There is a Spirit that comes from God that will testify of this to those who seek to know for themselves. It comes by scripture study, prayer and applying prinicples laid out for us to live by from Jesus. This Spirit, once felt, is the greatest witness we will have. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

All the world is invited to come to the Holy Temple. The path of discipleship that one has to walk in order to prepare to enter is one that most people choose not to do. This is unfortunate, because the Temple is fun! Yes there are great blessings that come into my life from attendance, but it is also fun! Thats what the gospel has become to me. If you think about it, some parts of your life may be very public, while others are very private that you share with only those closest to you. Our spiritual life is like that as well, and there is nothing spooky or sinister about it. Your home may have this dualism within its walls as well. It is just a fact of life that some places we dwell are for the "devout" in our life, while other places are open to all. We all need sanctuary in our lives. As Latter-day Saints, we find it with each other in the presence of the Spirit of God in the Temple. The worship and ritual there is all about greater learning of the purpose of life and seeking to further the blessings of the Atonement of Christ into the lives of others. It is sacred and those of us who have gone keep the talk about it generic on the outside to maintain respect for its sanctity. That being said, the Temple is fun and I hope to see you there someday! Show more Show less