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Hi I'm Richard

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ..of Latter Day Saints..sometimes referred to as a Mormon. I am from Salt Lake City.

About Me

I stopped going to church at the age of 16 and began to experiment with making 'my own' choices. It took me many years to realize I had little direction in life. I became a father at the age of forty, and looked down into that baby's eyes. Somehow I knew that the child had little agency to choose for itself, but I could choose for him. I began to discipline myself before the child could copy my bad habits. It was not long before I thought of a good place to get some help to teach good principles to my son. It was the church I had given up on. It was slow going for me at first, but I knew I was making the right choice, because my son was thriving, and we were both a lot happier. Before long I was again learning the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and using one of the greatest gifts given to us by the Creator, and using it well....AGENCY. Each choice we make honors our Heavenly Father & His Son, or needs to be changed to do so. I continue to serve and learn more each day about the Love our Savior has for all of us. I look upon each person on the Earth as if they are another child, who is loved by Jesus. I am no better than another, but I try to keep the commandments while overcoming the challenges of being human.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe the LDS Church contains the fullness of Chirsts Gospel, as it relates to the purpose of Life , or time upon this Earth. We are to grow our spirit as much as possible, given the freedom to explore and experience..using Christs example as given in Moroni 7:45, of charity. I strive on learning step by step the characteristics of Christ, that I might share my Love with God & the Savior in strength...and also my fellow spirit children of God with that same strength of Love. And feel the great freedom of doing so without worry of blemish, for my Savior will clean up those errs, so that I might be fearless in seeking out the blessings of being good, with a sincere effort. Thus, doing what I can to prepare my spiritual self for the eternal ways of which I have great desire to know.

How I live my faith

I live my Faith daily by keeping a continual relationship with my Father in Heaven & His Son Jesus Christ. I do this by praying, sometimes privately, sometimes with my wife and family, or even sometimes driving with one eye opened. I try to conduct my life so the Holy Ghost will want to stay near. My wife and I do not watch TV programs that contain nudity, swearing, or other poorly chosen ideas. We look to handle our challenges with spitiual input, as in what we have learned from the life of our Savior. We attend church and love our callings, feeling fortunate to have such privilege. I know that by serving others, my own character grows. I know that if I do not have enough time to serve, my Heavenly Father will somehow make as much time as is needed, and more. I know it is not easy to learn to be like Christ, but I have found it to be the most enjoyable style of life. I have just been called to lead the group of elderly men in our ward, and I am not a leader by nature, but I trust in the Lord to bless me with strength. My wife and I love the history of Families, and we both volunteer in the FH Library. All members of the community are welcome to come and research their genealogy. If someone really wants to improve their life, and have great fun in doing so, I challenge you to investigate this church with a serious intent. If you do so, it will be the best choice you've ever made....and that is the key...you will make your own choice, not pressured by another.