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Hi I'm Tom Heintz

I am a Chef. I grew up in the Pacific NW in the state of Washington. I teach people about Food & Food Storage and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband to a wonderful wife and father to 4 natural children and 3 step children. I am in my 2nd marriage of 10 years and our children are now grown and pretty much on their own. We will have 6 grandkids by the end of 2011, which we are extremely proud of. My work careers have been separated into 3 groups. A computer programmer/system designer/trainer/consultant for almost 20 years where I traveled extensively around the USA training and setting up networks for businesses. I then went back to school and learned culinary arts to become a chef where I worked as a cook, sous chef, executive chef and finally a culinary instructor. We owned a restaurant and did catering for years. Currently I am teaching people about food online. This includes culinary classes, food storage recommendations and recipes and even use my previous volunteer experience working with a county Sheriffs department in Search and Rescue to teach and help people prepare for Emergencies with kits and action plans. I enjoy building websites, traveling ... especially to see family, cooking and social media. I love to learn and spend a lot of time developing new talents.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church, but this doesn't mean that I automatically knew it was the right thing for me. I accepted the teachings and training from my parents. Being the oldest in the family, there were many things I experienced before my siblings and I relied on the examples from people I respected in the church community. I had accepted the teachings that I learned, and believed that they were true ... but the time came when I needed to find out for myself whether or not the things my parents and their friends claimed were for me. I struggled between the belief and the knowledge of the truth. I believed, but I didn't know. So the battle was on ... I prayed, read, studied and talked to others about it. Finally I found someone else that had gone through the same process ... they had been looking for a sign to tell them of the truth. Then he told me something profound. He told me that one day after struggling for answers ... a small voice in his head whispered ... "Why do you keep asking when you already know that it's true?" When he said that to me ... I felt a warm sensation run through my body. I realized at that moment ... that I'd always known that it was true. I just wasn't listening to my heart. Even now as I write this, I feel that same warm sensation come to me ... it brings tears to my eyes. After that, I had no doubts. This truth has sustained me through many trials in my life. Even when my 1st marriage was coming apart, it was the knowledge of the plan of salvation and the atonement of Jesus Christ that kept me going. I never blamed the church for my problems ... they just come like everyone else experiences ... but it was the church that was my rock and foundation in the turbulent world. I know that no matter what happens, it is always there for me. In fact, the knowledge that the church is there for the people ... not the other way around, continues to testify to me that we are all important. We are all literally Gods children.

How I live my faith

When I think about reality ... it centers around the church. I am blessed to be in a Stake Calling as a High Councilor assigned to a Ward as a direct liaison for the Stake President and his councilors. Let me explain what that means. Since the church is the same all over the world ... it doesn't matter where you live, you belong to a geographically designated area. If there are enough members in that area, they call it a "Ward", if the area doesn't contain enough for a ward, then they call it a "Branch". All Wards and Branches have people selected and called to work in those groups. This is all voluntary. A Stake is a group of Wards/Branches that make up a larger geographical area. The people called to work on a stake level help the wards/branches keep everything in order ... since they are all the same. For example, when I went on my mission to Germany when I was 19, I attended my home Sunday School class before leaving. When I arrived in Germany and attended Sunday School the following week, I was taught the exact same lesson as the previous week ... because they were a week behind in the schedule. I was halfway around the world and knew all the answers to the questions of the lesson because the church is a church or order. It doesn't rely on men to teach what they think the scriptures mean, it is based on teachings that are created through divine revelation and organized from church headquarters in Salt Lake City. We believe (and I know) that we are lead by a Prophet of God with 12 Apostles ... just as it was at the time of Jesus Christ. After his resurrection, he relied on his apostles to keep the churches all the same ... thus we have the bible from the letters and histories recorded. My job in the church is to assist the stake leaders to teach and council with ward leaders as they strive to help the members come unto Christ. To understand why the Atonement is so important and to help them know those 3 big questions. Where, Why and What happens after.